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2024 Season Outlook and Three to Think about

by Handsome Transom Motorsports on Jun 11 2024 06:55 AM UTC

A look back at the four-race season of 2023 revealed close Deck2Deck racing, and far too many racing incidents. It was a season of busted and bruised boats as the 91 and 40 both blew-over, and other boats traded paint throughout the season. The seasons also brought foul weather that took away the first two final heats of the season. The season started with a bang with the U40 running a 171+ mph qualifying lap in Guntersville then was part of a devastating accident in the final in which the 40 struck the blown-over 91. The next week in Madison saw the 40 flip and the final be cancelled due to weather with the U9 awarded the win on point total. TC and Seattle brought good close racing where the 9 winning in TC and the 8 in Seattle, where JMK capturied the Gold Cup and the National Title. 2024 will bring the return of San Diego for a fifth race of the season and will play host to the prestigious Gold Cup. This season is sure to bring tighter Deck2Deck racing. 

The 2024 Fleet, small yet full of quality and completive race boats and teams will offer fans a spectacular show if all contestants can stay shiny side up and in good running order. The depth of the field is undeniable, with proven winning hulls is the 1, 9, and 91, the extremely fast 40, and the evolving and improving 11. Missing will be a second Madison hull and the piston packing U3 from Posey County. The 60 and 12 will help fill the field in the State of Washington. A bigger development is the U-27 Wiggins boat rejoining the fleet with legendary driver Dave Villwock. It sounds like the 27 will appear in Guntersville, then in Washington State with Apollo Mechanical as sponsor. 

Three 2 Think About: This edition of the Three 2 Think about will be categorized in three groupings to summarize the H1 competitors for 2024: The Favorites, The Challengers, Dark Horses, and The Mystery

The Favorites: The three clear favorites are the *U-1 Beacon Electric*, the U-9 Miss Beacon Plumbing, and the U-91 Goodman Real Estate.  In many ways these three boats feature the best equipment, crews, and resources on the circuit and all three have proven winners behind the wheel. All three Teams tested in Tri Cities at right around 160 mph with the 91 the fastest at 165+. 

Note that Andrew Tate has won 51 of 92 races entered for a .554 all-time winning percentage which is top 10 in the history of the sport while JMK has garnered 19 race wins over his 20-year career. Peabody has 5 race wins under his belt. We believe Andrew Tate will likely win the Points Championship in 2024.

The Challengers: The boats that will be battling the favorites for race wins and podium finishes will be the U-11 Miss Mercurys Coffee Company and the U-40 Bucket List Racing. Both of these teams are on the rise and both feature experienced drivers growing in comfortability and looking for their first race win. Both showed good speed at TC testing and the 40 shocked the world last year with 171+ mph lap. 

The Dark Horses: Filling out the field will be competitive teams that are perhaps down on dollars and speed to the other teams. The U-60 Lakeridge Paving/Thriftway, and U-12 Graham Trucking will feature solid hulls with young, largely inexperienced drivers at the wheel. These two boats will race abridged seasons in 2024 scheduled to run in Washington.  

The Mystery: Back in 2024 is U-27 Wiggins Racing with legendary driver Dave Villwock at the wheel. At 70 years old is Villwock still capable of what he once was? We do not believe he is at the top of his game but he can’t be discounted. Also untested is the rebuilt 27 hull. Will the boat be fast out of the box? We think so. The 27 will be a factor in Washington but it’s a conundrum as to how large of a factor. 

Coming Soon: The D2D 2024 Season

by Handsome Transom Motorsports on May 21 2024 04:06 PM UTC

Deck2Deckers: Check back soon for a new season of fantasy hydroplane racing!

We can look forward to a five-race season starting with Guntersville on June 29th. Check back soon to review the 2024 boat roster and set your picks.

Points Updated and New 2023 D2D Champ Crowned!

by HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc. on Aug 07 2023 02:00 AM UTC

1st Place Tie with 8558 pts:
Jeff Bernard 91
2nd Place with 8474
5 to the 5
3rd Place Tie with 8398
Cei Bowen
Tim Johnson

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The 2024 Fleet

01 - Strong Racing / Miss Beacon Electric01 09 - Strong Racing / Miss Beacon Plumbing09 11 - Miss Mercurys Coffee Company (Unlimited Racing Group)11 12 - Miss Graham Trucking (Graham Racing)12 27 - Apollo Mechanical (Wiggins Racing)27 40 - Bucket List Racing / Miss Flav-R-Pac 40 60 - Lakeridge Paving / Thriftway (Go Fast Turn Left) 60 91 - Goodman Real Estate (Miss Madison)91