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New Points Rules for 2018 / Guntersville Preview

by Handsome Transom Motorsports on Jun 20 2018 10:04 PM UTC

Welcome back, Deck2Deckers! This weekend will bring the return of unlimited hydroplane racing to Guntersville Lake, Alabama. Not since 1969, when the Dixie Cup was on the schedule, have the big boats competed on this body of water formed by the damming of the Tennessee River. H1 has announced an eight-boat fleet for the HydroFest:

U-1 Miss HomeStreet (Jimmy Shane)
U-7 Spirit of Detroit (Bert Henderson)
U-9 Delta/Realtrac (Andrew Tate)
U-11 Reliable Diamond Tool presents J&D’s (Tom Thompson)
U-21 Darrell Strong presents Payne West Insurance (Brian Perkins)
U-27 Greater Gadsden presents Chase Building Group (Cal Phipps)
U-99.9 CARSTAR powers Miss Rock (Aaron Salmon)
U-440 Bucket List Racing (Dustin Echols)

Note that Deck2Deck’s boat pick menu features additional boats scheduled to appear at future races, but not in Guntersville. Choose carefully.

New D2D Points Rules for 2018

To increase competition and keep it lively with an eight-boat fleet over six races, your Deck2Deck commissioners have adjusted the way that points will be tallied in the 2018 fantasy season. We will take the final point totals from each 2018 H1 race and score boats on Deck2Deck as follows:

Guntersville Lake Hydrofest: pick 1 boat, earn regular H1 points
Madison Regatta: pick 1 boat, earn regular H1 points
Tri-Cities Columbia Cup: pick 2 boats, earn regular H1 points for each
Seattle Seafair: pick 1 boat, earn DOUBLE H1 points (two times the boat’s race total)
Detroit Gold Cup: pick 2 boats, earn regular H1 points for each
San Diego Bayfair: pick 1 boat, earn regular H1 points

Good luck, and make your pick now for the Guntersville Lake HydroFest!

Coming Soon: Deck2Deck 2018 Season

by Handsome Transom Motorsports on Jun 13 2018 09:56 PM UTC

Welcome, Race Fans. Deck2Deck will return for the 2018 H1 Unlimited season. We will be ready for the first race at Lake Guntersville, June 22-24. Stay tuned!

Congrats to BB Unlimited. Deck2Deck National Champion for 2018!

by HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc. on Sep 18 2017 01:45 PM UTC

1 BB Unlimited 10,028
T2 Ksauley6 9,836
T2 Jeff55 9,836
3 datsunaholic 9,792
T4 BrandonD 9,751
T4 Gearbox96 9,751
T5 Kevin L 9,642
T5 HydroDan 9,642
T6 FCBoats 9,598
T6 fan4life 9,598
T6 Jerry 9,598
7 Swellcraft1998 9,564
8 mdamitio 9,531
9 Blue Angel 9,454
10 Willie Phillips 9,437
11 Diamond Cup 9,426
12 Miss Chrysler 9,343
13 Daktari 9,338
14 HandsomeTransom 9,318
15 Brendon75 9,296

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