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D2D Returns for 2021!

by Handsome Transom Motorsports on May 24 2021 08:42 PM UTC

Dear Deck2Deckers: We’ve missed you! It’s been too long since Bayfair 2019.

Team D2D is happy to say that fantasy hydroplane racing will return in June to coincide with the upcoming 2021 H1 Unlimited season. With only three or four races expected, the stakes will be high. Expect site updates in the coming weeks! Let’s go racing!

2019 D2D Champion!

by HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc. on Sep 17 2019 02:59 PM UTC

Congrats Pepsi Joe, who captured the crown with 9679 Points on the year!

Below is Pepsi Joe’s path to the Fantasy Title:

Guntersville Lake Hydrofest: U-7 – Spirit of Detroit: 1425
Madison Regatta / Gold Cup: U-6 – Miss Madison Racing: 2100
Tri-Cities Columbia Cup: PICK 1 of 2 – U-1 – Jones Racing: 1705
Tri-Cities Columbia Cup: PICK 2 of 2 – U-1918 – Oberto Racing: 1238
Seattle Seafair PICK 1 of 2: U-12 – Graham Trucking: 1395
Seattle Seafair PICK 2 of 2: U-99 – KISW/CARSTAR: 936
San Diego Bayfair: U-11 – Unlimited Racing Group: 880

2019 San Diego Preview & Three 2 Think About

by HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc. on Sep 12 2019 03:52 AM UTC

Deck2Deckers, the San Diego pick deadline has been extended to 2:30 pm Pacific Time on Saturday. Heat 1a is scheduled for 3:00 p.m.

It all comes down to this: the 2019 Deck2Deck Champion will be determined on Mission Bay as the running of the finale at San Diego Bayfair is set for this weekend. The last race of the H1 Unlimited season will host six H1 race boats. Bayfair will utilize the “Roostertail” format in which all 6 boats will run in each of the 4 qualifying heats and again in the final heat for the Bill Muncey Cup. A total of 2100 points is possible including qualifying points.

Bayfair Boat Roster:
U-6 Miss HomeStreet Bank, Jimmy Shane
U-7 Spirit of Detroit, Bert Henderson
U-11 J&D’s Presented by Reliable Diamond Tools, Jamie Nilsen
U-12 Graham Trucking, J Michael Kelly
U-98 Graham Trucking American Dream, Corey Peabody
U-1918 Oberto Super Salami, Jeff Bernard

While 1,443 points separates the U-6 from the U-12 there is a four way logjam for first in Deck2Deck overall competition.

And don’t forget, one lucky Deck2Decker will be selected to win an Oberto Prize Package. All you need to do is make a boat selection for San Diego Bayfair!

HydroDan’s Three 2 Think About:
Red Streak: Can J. Mike and U12 Graham Trucking capture checkers at the Bill Muncey Cup and finish off the 2019 season with three victories in a row?
Learning Curve: Since coming back on the scene in the U-11, Jamie Nilsen has flashed speed and racing brilliance for Scott “Pyro” Raney and company.
Top Jimmy: After a one year hiatus it appears Jimmy Shane and the U-6 Miss HomeStreet Bank are poised to regain thei place atop of the H1 mountain in 2019.

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Score Card


  1. 9679Pepsi Joe
  2. 9544TFox
  3. 9544skidspray
  4. 9544Brendon75
  5. 9544Dan Clemensen
  6. 9429Evan
  7. 9379John Racing
  8. 9379JSchue206
  9. 9362kal
  10. 9350Luka Sophia ...
  11. 9350Diamond Cup
  12. 9350Cincinnati K...
  13. 9350Sweet Fleet ...
  14. 9322fan4life
  15. 9322Anthony J
  16. 9299Fox
  17. 9250BB Unlimited
  18. 9234Turn2Buoy
  19. 9201Kevin L
  20. 9091Miss Chrysle...
  21. 9087TimCollinsY1
  22. 9035Scott Kuntze
  23. 8996chucks
  24. 8989Jeff55
  25. 8989hydrofreak
  26. 8989PAK ATTACK
  27. 8983Keith
  28. 8915HydroInsider
  29. 8915thriftway r...
  30. 8914Chris Porten
  31. 8901DAN'S RA...
  32. 8901U-75
  33. 8880Matt Johnson
  34. 8879Gearbox96
  35. 8854dennisc10
  36. 8841Dennis Clark
  37. 8841Steve in the...
  38. 8841KirkH
  39. 8803BrandonD
  40. 8798Harley Phillips
  41. 8771Blue Angel
  42. 8744datsunaholic
  43. 8737PRIDE OF PAY...
  44. 8725Stan
  45. 8725Tait Meyer
  46. 8696Miss Seanweiser
  47. 8696HydroDan'...
  48. 8661Jayson2919
  49. 8659Hydrogears
  50. 8628Chet the Jet

The 2019 Fleet

U-1 - Jones RacingU-1 U-10 - U-10 U-11 - Unlimited Racing GroupU-11 U-12 - Graham TruckingU-12 U-1918 - Oberto RacingU-1918 U-3 - Go3 RacingU-3 U-440 - Bucket List RacingU-440 U-6 - Miss Madison RacingU-6 U-7 - Spirit of DetroitU-7 U-98 - Graham Trucking American DreamU-98 U-99 - KISW/CARSTARU-99