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Year End Points Updated! Unofficial...

by HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc. on Sep 19 2016 04:51 PM UTC

We have updated the points based on our own point tally as H1 has not published tabulated points for the San Diego race. The points are unofficial and subject to change, however, we believe they are accurate based on our own score keeping. If you see any mistakes please inform us! Thank you! congratulations to all those at the top of the Standings, especially:

2.Wat up Racin
3.Dan Clemensen

2016 Bayfair Preview and Three 2 Think About

by HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc. on Sep 16 2016 05:44 AM UTC

The sun is shining and the pits are packed with eight unlimited hydroplanes for the final stanza of the H1 Unlimited season in San Diego, California. Both the H1 and the D2D National High Points titles are on the line this weekend at Bayfair! This year fantasy players must gear up for the second of back-to-back double boat pick races with nearly 3000 points possible during the final weekend of racing. This year’s Bayfair roster of boats includes: U-1 Homestreet Bank, U-5 Graham Trucking, U-7 Graham Trucking II, U-9 Delta Gear Realtrac, U-11 Peters and May, U-21 All Access Equipment, U-27 Dalton Industries, U-99.9 Carstar Miss Rock. Remember to lock your TWO picks by Saturday September 17, at noon San Diego time. You can’t attain glory if you don’t answer the bell!

HydroDan’s Three to Think About:

Back in the Saddle: Cal Phipps and the U-27 Dalton Industries return to the water after their catastrophic blowover accident at the season opener in Madison, Indiana. If you still have the 27 as a possible selection, you may want to wait until Friday qualifying is complete to ensure the repairs have held and the boat is sound and competitive before you lock your selection.

Sensational in the Salt: U-1 Homestreet Bank driver Jimmy Shane has claimed two of the past three San Diego Bayfair Regattas in 2013 and 2015, and also captured a second place finish in 2012. In addition, Shane has garnered ten heat victories on the salt water in San Diego and is the top qualifier at the race two years running. At Bayfair Shane is going for his fourth National Championship in a row, and third with the Madison Team.

Graham Slam: The Graham Trucking duo, J. Michael Kelly in the U-5 Graham Trucking and Jeff Bernard in the U-7 Graham Trucking II, were all over the podium at Detroit’s Gold Cup with a win for the 5 and a third place for the 7. With the U-5 down by only 584 points, expect the two boat team to do all they can in San Diego to prevent a U-1 Homestreet Bank repeat.

Points are Updated through Detroit!

by HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc. on Sep 01 2016 09:11 PM UTC

Points are updated and a correction was made to the U7 points for "Detroit Pick #2" as we accidently neglected to enter the U7’s points last Sunday evening. Sorry for the confusion.

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Score Card

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  1. 10046Jeff55
  2. 9971Wat up Racin
  3. 9901Dan Clemensen
  4. 9727Kevin L
  5. 9644TheNextChipH...
  6. 9472Kyle2
  7. 9436Rabid Pet Ro...
  8. 9436PRIDE OF PAY...
  9. 9395Project 7
  10. 9226YOU ONE
  11. 9195Racegirl
  12. 9195Victor
  13. 9192Borhamm Bull...
  14. 9192Griffonbud
  15. 9123lmarlow1
  16. 9123Diamond Cup
  17. 9123RockBoat
  18. 9122OCHD Racing ...
  19. 9065miltonwolfie
  20. 9065Come Back N ...
  21. 9014datsunaholic
  22. 9014MLRt
  23. 8940missDYC
  24. 8921tyler clemensen
  25. 8910Green Dragon
  26. 8878Ducklady
  27. 8837Jerry
  28. 8812Cheap Trixie
  29. 8808Ksauley6
  30. 8808Bud Light Gary
  31. 8787fan4life
  32. 8738Pepsi Joe
  33. 8690thriftway r...
  34. 8688JSchue206
  35. 8688kal
  36. 8688Mick
  37. 8663Matt Sontag
  38. 8646Malibu65
  39. 8638Dan
  40. 8632J-18 MISS HE...
  41. 8612Turn2Buoy
  42. 8575Ronbo
  43. 8568Dave Vonderh...
  44. 8568Warner
  45. 8568mdamitio
  46. 8544ezryder
  47. 8534jashby88
  48. 8414$ham Cole
  49. 8413Blue Angel
  50. 8408Steve in the...