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Points are Updated Through Seafair!

by HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc. on Aug 08 2022 05:12 PM UTC

Pepsi Joe, our champ from 2019, is back out in front going into SD. With boat attrition many players may have zero or one options left in SD. It will be an interesting finish to the short season.

No Rule Change

by HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc. on Jul 25 2022 03:52 PM UTC

We will not be reducing boat picks for the season. We realize that there are not enough boats for the 8 picks required for the season but it will effect everyone the same and it wouldn’t be fair to those that choose the 8 and 9 at the first two races of the season. As they say, that is boat racing! Good luck and thanks for playing!

Deck2Deck play is based on U-number as clearly stated in the rules. If you have already chosen the U9 to this point, you can no longer take the U9. If you have not chosen the 9 as yet, you still can as the U8 hull has been renumbered by the Strong Racing Team as the U9 with JMK at the wheel. As such, the U8 is no longer a viable pick for TC, Seattle, and SD but the U9 is available for those races.

Anticipated TC Boat Roster:

U-1 Miss HomeStreet Bank (Shane)
U-3 Griggs Ace Hardware (King)
U-9 Lynx Healthcare/Miss Tri-Cities (Kelly)
U-11 Miss J&D’s (Nielson)
U-40 Miss Beacon Plumbing (Villwock)
U-91 Miss Goodman Real Estate (Bernar

Good luck and thanks for playing!

Madison 2022 Preview

by Handsome Transom Motorsports on Jun 27 2022 09:35 PM UTC

The East Coast swing continues as the H1 fleet heads to Madison, Indiana and the tight and rough Wild Bill Cantrell Race Course. The boats will be running under the bridge in a match race “Shootout” format on Saturday and a more traditional heat race format with a final on Sunday. The match race format will provide for one-on-one racing and offer plenty of points to be earned for H1 teams and fantasy players alike. The Indiana Governor’s Cup this coming Independence Day Weekend will feature the following boat roster:

U-1 Miss HomeStreet Bank (Shane)
U-8 Miss Tri-Cities (Kelly)
U-9 Lynx Healthcare (Peabody)
U-11 Miss J&D’s (Nielson)
U-40 Miss Beacon Plumbing (Villwock)
U-91 Miss Goodman Real Estate (Bernard)

HydroDan’s Three 2 Think About:

Silver Takes Gold: The silver U-9 Lynx Healthcare took gold in Guntersville as the U-1 HomeStreet Bank and the U-40 Beacon Plumbing knocked themselves out during the race before the race. Although Peabody and the 9 was not the fastest combination in Alabama, they certainly showed reliability and speed that will come in handy on the tight and long 2.5 mile Cantrell Race Course.

What’s Wrong With Miss Tri Cities?: The U-8 did not look right in Guntersville, displaying noticeable handling issues and a lack of top-end speed. The team thrashed to repair a sponson tip on Saturday and also blew a motor in the final.

Home Cooking: After a disappointing Gold Cup loss, Jimmy Shane will defend his Governor’s Cup crown in front of all 13,000 owners of the The U-1 Miss HomeStreet Bank / Miss Madison. If running on his home water is not motivation enough, perhaps the huge letdown at the first race of the season will be.

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  1. 8001Pepsi Joe
  2. 7989Handsome Tra...
  3. 7558Jason Walters
  4. 7374Dan Cole
  5. 7314Jared Meyer
  6. 7302Bakerspeed46
  7. 7297Nelson Holmberg
  8. 7256JC Steach
  9. 7245Lori
  10. 7144Paul shamrock
  11. 7104John Racing
  12. 7023Miss Seanweiser
  13. 7018thriftway r...
  14. 7003nascarmick
  15. 7000Chris Porten
  16. 6945Hydrokid
  17. 6933Checkerboard...
  18. 69335 to the 5
  19. 6931bkjohn24
  20. 6875Kevin L
  21. 6789Tony D
  22. 6735Racegirl
  23. 6735George Racing
  24. 6726Wat up Racin
  25. 6726Roostertail ...
  26. 6726Dan Clemensen
  27. 6724LAKE CHELAN ...
  28. 6714Turn2Buoy
  29. 6689jemstb Racing
  30. 6689Jordan
  31. 6681Evan
  32. 6509Hot Hull Mot...
  33. 6482Sweet Fleet ...
  34. 6479Daktari
  35. 6448BB Unlimited
  36. 6396Jeff Bernard 91
  37. 6300Who is Zach ...
  38. 6280Jim Clark
  39. 6249dennisc10
  40. 6184Miss Chrysle...
  41. 6175Cei Bowen
  42. 6174Turbo_Mike
  43. 6174fhanson2005
  44. 6174Mike Ward
  45. 6174The Hopper
  46. 6102Rozzy
  47. 6099Kelsey Best
  48. 6078Johnny b
  49. 6050Gearbox96
  50. 6049U-2

The 2022 Fleet

01 - Miss HomeStreet Bank01 03 - Go3 Racing / Griggs Ace Hardware 03 08/DNC - DNC08/DNC 09 - Strong Racing / Lynx Healthcare 09 11 - Unlimited Racing Group (J&D’s)11 12/DNC  - DNC12/DNC 21/DNC - Go Fast Turn Left (Lakeridge Paving) 21/DNC 40 - Bucket List Racing / Beacon Plumbing40 91 - Miss Goodman Real Estate91