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Points are now Updated Through Madison!

by HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc. on Jul 09 2018 04:34 PM UTC

Congratulations to the Madison, Indiana based U-1 Miss HomeStreet Bank on their Governor’s Cup victory on the Miss Madison’s home waters. Regatta point totals were as follows:

U1= 1,580
U9= 1,500
440= 1,229
U11= 1,220
99.9= 225

D2D points are now updated through Race 2. Four more races to go to crown D2D’s National Champion!

2018 Madison Regatta: Three 2 Think About

by Handsome Transom Motorsports on Jul 03 2018 11:02 PM UTC

Following the no-points Regatta of 2017, the die-hard hydro fans of Madison, Indiana are ready for a rumble on the river and the running of a "for-points" Indiana Governor’s Cup this coming Independence Day weekend. The Wild Bill Cantrell Race Course will remain a 2-mile oval rather than its traditional 2.5 mile layout.

The paltry fleet of five Unlimiteds that will contend for the Governor’s Cup will include:
U-1 Miss Homestreet Bank
U-9 Auxier Marketing
U-11 Reliable Diamond Tools Presents J&D’s
U-99.9 Miss Rock
440 Bucket List Racing Team

HydroDan’s Three 2 Think About:

Keeping Up With The Jonses: Mike and Lori’s U-9 was an absolute rocket at Race 1 in Guntersville. Andrew Tate was able to drive around the U-1 HomeSteet bank in the final heat, a rare feat in the H1 series the past several seasons. Look for the Governor’s Cup to come down to the U-9 and U-1 once more.

Home Cooking: Reigning 2017 National Champion Jimmy Shane will defend his National Points crown in front of all 13,000 owners of the The U-1 Miss HomeStreet Bank / Miss Madison. If running on his home water is not motivation enough, perhaps his current 520 point deficit will be.

Old Reliable: Through the course of the past several seasons, one thing you could count on is Scott Raney’s U-11 showing up to put on a show for the fans on the beach. Unfortunately, at many of those same races you could also count on the U-11 to suffer from bad racing luck. A reversal of fortune occurred at Race 1 in Guntersville where the Reliable Diamond Tools excited with a solid second place in points. Driver Tommy Thompson only trailed Tate’s U-9 by a mere 505 points.

Tate Takes Home the Southern Cup!

by HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc. on Jun 25 2018 04:23 AM UTC

Andrew Tate in his U-9 Realtrac bested Jimmy Shane in the U-1 Homestreet Bank in an exhilirating Deck2Deck dual. D2D scores have been updated accordingly. See you in Madison is a couple weekends!

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  1. 3280Fkrmel
  2. 3280DESTROYr
  3. 3280kmartin
  4. 3280jemstb Racing
  5. 3280U-75
  6. 3280Y-45
  7. 3280Max Holtrop
  8. 3280robert shaw
  9. 3280TheProf2
  11. 3280Ronbo
  12. 2920Chet the Jet
  13. 2920Harley Gray
  14. 2920Garrett
  15. 2920Lori
  16. 2920Willie Phillips
  17. 2920rcuhydronut
  18. 2775Cheap Trixie
  19. 2775lmarlow1
  20. 2775fhanson2005
  21. 2775Yotes
  22. 2775Mick
  23. 2695U-6.875 Bran...
  24. 2695Who is Zach ...
  25. 2680LAKE CHELAN ...
  26. 2680Eddie Kanfoush
  27. 2680Green Dragon
  28. 2680Ducklady
  29. 2680Evan
  30. 2680racefanwfo
  31. 2424Jim Clark
  32. 2424Cincinnati K...
  33. 2424DAN'S RA...
  34. 2314BB Unlimited
  35. 2314Handsome Tra...
  36. 231458catalina
  37. 2314Colin Jones ...
  38. 2205Dan Cole
  39. 2205U25 all the ...
  40. 2205BrandonD
  41. 220541Racing
  42. 2205Big Mac 85
  43. 2205Aubree Hanson
  44. 2205Blue Angel
  45. 2205Doug Ashby
  46. 2205Miss Seanweiser
  47. 2205mdamitio
  48. 2205Stan
  49. 2205Deltron3030
  50. 2205Pscbad