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New D2D Champion Crowned!

by HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc. on Sep 17 2018 01:53 PM UTC

Congratulations to Fkmrel on the D2D title! Took the lead after Detroit and held on for the victory! Colin Jones racing finished second and Robert Shaw rounded out the podium!

Fkmrel will win an Oberto prize package as well as one other Deck2decker we will choose at Random later today!

San Diego Preview

by HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc. on Sep 14 2018 11:50 PM UTC

San Diego pick deadline has been extended to 2pm Pacific Time on Saturday. Heat 1a is at 3:25! You still have time to make your pick!

Deck2Deckers, it all comes down to this: the 2018 Deck2Deck Champion will be determined on Mission Bay as San Diego Bayfair roars this weekend. The last race of the H1 Unlimited season will host six H1 race boats.

Bayfair Boat Roster:

U-1 Miss HomeStreet Bank, Jimmy Shane
U-9 Real Trac / Delta Gear, Andrew Tate
U-11 DiJulio Presents Miss J&D’s, Tom Thompson
U-21 Payne West Insurance, Brian Perkins
U99.9 Carstar Miss Rock; Aaron Salmon
U-440 Bucket List Racing, Dustin Echols

Fantasy players, if you’ve got any arrows left in the quiver, fire away this weekend, and consider yourself among the fortunate Deck2Deckers not shooting blanks in San Diego. While 1,803 points separates the U-9 from the U-1 and has ended the National Championship chase in H1, Only a mere 242 points separates Colin Jones Racing from Fkrmel who sits atop the D2D leader board in first place .

And don’t forget, one lucky Deck2Decker will be selected to win an Oberto Prize Package. All you need to do is register to play and select a boat for San Diego Bayfair!

Oberto Prize Package

by HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc. on Sep 11 2018 11:27 PM UTC

One lucky Deck2Decker will be selected to win an Oberto Prize Package. All you need to do is register to play at, pick a boat for San Diego Bayfair, and cross your fingers you are selected after the picks are locked! New D2Ders and existing players are eligible. If you are not located in and around the Seattle area shipping will be worked out on a case by case basis. We do not make money at this so we have to watch our expenditures!

Thanks for racing Deck2Deck with us in 2018!

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Score Card


  1. 11295Fkrmel
  2. 11053Colin Jones ...
  3. 10844robert shaw
  4. 10766thriftway r...
  5. 10734Harley Gray
  6. 10635Miss Chrysle...
  7. 10599Cincinnati K...
  8. 10544Chris Porten
  9. 10543BB Unlimited
  10. 10434Who is Zach ...
  11. 10413Miss Seanweiser
  12. 10368Chet the Jet
  13. 10360Fox
  14. 10328Dennis Clark
  15. 10263Pepsi Joe
  16. 10248missDYC
  17. 10248Brent
  18. 10229Brendon75
  19. 10193JohnTomey
  20. 10193kal
  21. 10187DAN'S RA...
  22. 10177Handsome Tra...
  23. 10151Sweet Fleet ...
  24. 1008930 PACK
  25. 9984Jim Clark
  26. 9956It Began In ...
  27. 9954Kadi Cooke
  28. 9944KirkH
  29. 9898Dave's B...
  30. 9894U-6.875 Bran...
  31. 9850Griffonbud
  32. 9827Mick
  33. 9804Vashon Mosquito
  34. 9756datsunaholic
  35. 9756Anthony J
  36. 9756Wat up Racin
  37. 9756dennisc10
  38. 9754Yotes
  39. 9694Matt Sontag
  40. 9694Ducklady
  41. 9683Jeff55
  42. 9683Snookdogg
  43. 9683Brock VanWye
  44. 9680Doug Ashby
  45. 9643T~Roy
  46. 9592Turn2Buoy
  47. 9589Rabid Pet Ro...
  48. 9555U-2
  49. 9523Cei Bowen
  50. 9518Willie Phillips

The 2018 Fleet

U-1 - Miss HomeStreet BankU-1 U-11 - Unlimited Racing GroupU-11 U-12 - Graham TruckingU-12 U-21 - PayneWest InsuranceU-21 U-27 - Oberto (U-1918)U-27 U-3 - Griggs Ace HardwareU-3 U-440 - Bucket List RacingU-440 U-7 - Spirit of DetroitU-7 U-9 - Les Schwab Tire / Jones RacingU-9 U-99 - CarStar KISW Miss RockU-99