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Slim Pickings at San Diego Bayfair 2022

by Handsome Transom Motorsports on Sep 16 2022 12:48 PM UTC

Deck2Deckers: the 2022 season began with a modest boat count, and at its end, just five boats are in the pits to contest the Bill Muncey Cup this weekend. Deck2Deck rules posted in June remain in effect, meaning that each player must make two picks for the San Diego race. Few of us have two remaining choices that are actually racing on Mission Bay!

For those with the U-40 Miss Beacon Plumbing still available, you will collect points earned by Dustin Echols. The chauffeur of the drydocked U-440 will relieve Dave Villwock in the Bucket List sister ship at this final H1 event of 2022. Here is your five-boat field for this weekend’s saltwater slugfest:

San Diego Boat Roster:

U-1 Miss HomeStreet Bank (Shane)
U-9 Miss Tri-Cities/Strong Racing (Kelly)
U-11 Legend Yach Transport/J&D’s (Nielson)
U-40 Miss Beacon Plumbing (Echols)
U-91 Miss Goodman Real Estate (Bernard)

Points are Updated Through Seafair!

by HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc. on Aug 08 2022 05:12 PM UTC

Pepsi Joe, our champ from 2019, is back out in front going into SD. With boat attrition many players may have zero or one options left in SD. It will be an interesting finish to the short season.

No Rule Change

by HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc. on Jul 25 2022 03:52 PM UTC

We will not be reducing boat picks for the season. We realize that there are not enough boats for the 8 picks required for the season but it will effect everyone the same and it wouldn’t be fair to those that choose the 8 and 9 at the first two races of the season. As they say, that is boat racing! Good luck and thanks for playing!

Deck2Deck play is based on U-number as clearly stated in the rules. If you have already chosen the U9 to this point, you can no longer take the U9. If you have not chosen the 9 as yet, you still can as the U8 hull has been renumbered by the Strong Racing Team as the U9 with JMK at the wheel. As such, the U8 is no longer a viable pick for TC, Seattle, and SD but the U9 is available for those races.

Anticipated TC Boat Roster:

U-1 Miss HomeStreet Bank (Shane)
U-3 Griggs Ace Hardware (King)
U-9 Lynx Healthcare/Miss Tri-Cities (Kelly)
U-11 Miss J&D’s (Nielson)
U-40 Miss Beacon Plumbing (Villwock)
U-91 Miss Goodman Real Estate (Bernar

Good luck and thanks for playing!

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  1. 8379Chris Porten
  2. 8275Asher D
  3. 8251Evan
  4. 8250Gearbox96
  5. 8149JesseD
  6. 8112Dan Cole
  7. 8052Jared Meyer
  8. 8001Pepsi Joe
  9. 7989Handsome Tra...
  10. 7842John Racing
  11. 7775Jeff Bernard 91
  12. 7754Miss Chrysle...
  13. 7741nascarmick
  14. 7689redd90
  15. 7689cal
  16. 7669bkjohn24
  17. 7628dennisc10
  18. 7597Goldyhanz7
  19. 7558Jason Walters
  20. 7470Yotes
  21. 7404Tim Johnson
  22. 7388thriftway r...
  23. 7302Bakerspeed46
  24. 7297Nelson Holmberg
  25. 7283Bill Stryhal
  26. 7256JC Steach
  27. 7245Lori
  28. 7240Robert McCon...
  29. 7187Nickish90
  30. 7177U25 all the ...
  31. 7144Paul shamrock
  32. 7079Badbob
  33. 7069Diamond Cup
  34. 7059jemstb Racing
  35. 7023Miss Seanweiser
  36. 6945Hydrokid
  37. 6933Checkerboard...
  38. 69335 to the 5
  39. 6913Cei Bowen
  40. 6912Turbo_Mike
  41. 6912fhanson2005
  42. 6912Mike Ward
  43. 6894Deltron3030
  44. 6883Luka Sophia ...
  45. 6875Kevin L
  46. 6853TheProf2
  47. 6852Sweet Fleet ...
  48. 6849Daktari
  49. 6843datsunaholic
  50. 6843Matt Johnson

The 2022 Fleet

01 - Miss HomeStreet Bank01 03 - Go3 Racing / Griggs Ace Hardware 03 08/DNC - DNC08/DNC 09 - Strong Racing / Lynx Healthcare 09 11 - Unlimited Racing Group (J&D’s)11 12/DNC  - DNC12/DNC 21/DNC - Go Fast Turn Left (Lakeridge Paving) 21/DNC 40 - Bucket List Racing / Beacon Plumbing40 91 - Miss Goodman Real Estate91