Fantasy Unlimited Hydroplane Racing

Rules Summary


  • Register an account and compete against your friends and all registered users of
  • Create your own league and invite other competitors to play.


  • Choose boats for the 2023 unlimited hydroplane races, using the Fantasy Picks tool. At Guntersville, Tri-Cities and Seattle, you must pick TWO BOATS.
  • You may pick each boat only once per season, so make each pick count!
  • You may select the same boat as others within your league; there is no draft.
  • Your boat selections will be hidden from the other competitors until the deadline passes, at which point the selections will be available for all to see.
  • You may change your boat selections as often as you wish until the pick deadline has expired. Pick deadlines are as listed in the pick deadlines chart at right.


  • Deck2Deck uses the final H1 Unlimited boat points at each race to tabulate fantasy points.
  • Driver points do not count in this fantasy game.
  • Points will be scored as follows in 2023:

    • Guntersville Lake Hydrofest: pick 2 boats, earn regular H1 points for each
    • Madison Regatta: pick 1 boat, earn regular H1 points
    • Tri-Cities Columbia Cup: pick 2 boats, earn regular H1 points for each
    • Seattle Seafair / Gold Cup: pick 2 boats, earn regular H1 points for each

4. WIN

  • The player with the highest total points at the end of the 2023 racing season will be the winner of his or her league.
  • The player with the highest total points among all fantasy competitors will be the Deck2Deck National Points Champion.

Pick Deadlines

  • Guntersville Lake, AL: June 24, 2023 at 11:00 AM Central
  • Madison, IN: June 30, 2023 at 11:00 AM Eastern
  • Tri-Cities, WA: July 29, 2023 at 11:00 AM Pacific
  • Seattle, WA: August 5, 2023 at 11:00 AM Pacific

Points for heat finishes

  1. 400
  2. 300
  3. 225
  4. 169
  5. 127
  6. 95
  7. 71


Deck2Deck Fantasy Hydroplane Racing is based on the concept of boat selection and plays out over the course of a full H1 Unlimited hydroplane racing season. The player's ultimate goal is to accrue more points than the other players in his or her league at the conclusion of the final race of the 2023 H1 Unlimited season. The player with the most points in his or her league will be considered the winner of the league. The player with the most points of all fantasy players will be considered the Deck2Deck National Points Champion.

Prior to each race event, each fantasy player will select one or two boats (see schedule above) from the H1 Unlimited hydroplane fleet as his or her pick(s). Picks may be modified at any point up until the published pick deadline as stated below, on the first day of racing. After this deadline, all picks will be frozen. Any players who have not made a selection will have no pick for that race and accumulate zero points. No late picks are allowed.

The scheduled races for 2023 and their respective selection deadlines are listed above under the "Pick Deadlines" heading.

NOTE: If the H1 schedule is officially modified, the Deck2Deck fantasy schedule and points accumulation will reflect those changes. If a race on the 2023 H1 schedule is cancelled altogether with no qualifying or heat points awarded by H1, no Deck2Deck points will be awarded either. In such a situation with no points awarded for a scheduled race, the boats selected on Deck2Deck for that race will return to each player's pool of available boats for the remaining races. If a race is cut short by H1 after some qualifying and/or heat racing has occurred, Deck2Deck will use any points awarded by H1 to tabulate fantasy points, and the Deck2Deck boat selections for that race will remain locked and will not return to each player's pool of available boats for the remaining races. Deck2Deck commissioners reserve the right to adjust the pool of boats available for future races following a race that ends early. Look to the home page of for mid-season reminders if such schedule changes occur.

Picking A Boat

For each race, players may choose boat(s) from the menu of choices on the Deck2Deck web site. Two boat picks are required at the Tri-Cities and Seattle races. Because boat counts change from week to week, and damage or other difficulties may prevent race teams from running on any given weekend, it is the responsibility of the fantasy player to understand the status of his or her selected boat(s). The Deck2Deck web site will be loaded with all active and participating boats registered with H1. Fantasy players should be aware that not all listed boats will necessarily run at all race sites.

Players may pre-select boats for the entire season; picks for all races are open until the start of the event.

Deck2Deck uses the U designation of each hull to calculate boat points and ignores driver points. The U designation (e.g. U-40 for the Miss Beacon Plumbing) is the unique identifier of a boat for the season, regardless of what physical hull wears the number. For example, if the current U-3 sustains damage at Tri-Cities and the owner elects to paint one of his backup hulls as the U-3 to campaign in Seattle, this new entry will be considered the same U-3 for the purposes of Deck2Deck points calculation. Driver changes mid-race or mid-season will not affect point accumulation for each boat. Mid-season name changes for sponsorship or other purposes will also not affect Deck2Deck points.

Fantasy players may choose any boat in the fleet for any race, but they may choose that boat only ONCE PER SEASON. For example, if a player chooses the U-1 Miss Madison Racing for the Tri-Cities race, the U-1 will be unavailable to that player as a selection for the remainder of the 2023 races. Only boats not yet selected by a player will appear as available choices in his or her Deck2Deck selection menu.

Players within the same league may select the same boat as a competitor has chosen; in fact this is likely to happen at more than one race during the season. One player's selection of a boat (e.g. U-1 Miss Madison Racing) does not preclude other players from also selecting the U-1, if the other players have not previously used their U-1 pick. All players who select the U-1 for that race will receive the same amount of points for the event.

Viewing Competitors' Picks

Leading up to each race, the selections of individual players will be hidden from view on the site by competing players. Players must log in to see and modify their own selections that are still active; only their picks from previous (frozen) races will be visible to others.

When the deadline for a particular race passes (see section II A above), all selections will become frozen on the site and may no longer be altered. At this point, the picks of all players will become visible to all players within the league, and all may watch the actual race event, aware of their competition for fantasy points.

Registering an Account

Anyone who wishes to participate in a Deck2Deck fantasy league must first register an account on as an individual player. Click on Create an Account and enter all requested. Please choose a unique password.

Creating a League

Once you are logged in, follow the instructions to create a new league to compete with your friends. If you have received an email invitation to join a league, enter the invitation code found in the body of the email.

Scoring and Points Calculation

Earning Points

Deck2Deck uses the National High Points awarded to individual boats by H1 Unlimited to calculate fantasy points. Scoring will be conducted according to H1 scoring rules as set forth in the H1 rulebook for 2023. This means that points for qualifying, heat finishes, and penalties will be awarded to or deducted from your fantasy boat pick just as they are with the actual boat teams over the course of the race event. If a boat is penalized during a race and this results in the boat earning negative points for the event, that number of points will be deducted from fantasy players' season total who have selected this boat. The fantasy player who has accumulated the most total points among his or her league competitors at the end of the season shall be considered the winner of the league. The fantasy player who has accumulated the most total points among all Deck2Deck competitors across all leagues shall be considered the Deck2Deck National Points Champion.

Fantasy points are based on points accumulated by the hull bearing the U designation that a player selects. In no way do drivers, driver assignment changes, or hull substitutions affect Deck2Deck fantasy scoring. There is no award for driver points in Deck2Deck fantasy hydroplane racing.

Heat racing points are awarded according to the order of finish in each race:

  1. 400
  2. 300
  3. 225
  4. 169
  5. 127
  6. 95
  7. 71

Zero points are awarded for DNS, DNF, and DSQ.

Qualifying points are awarded according to top lap speed:

  1. 100
  2. 80
  3. 70
  4. 60
  5. 50
  6. 40
  7. 30

Boats recording top speeds below the sixth fastest time will all receive 30 points.

Note that H1 officials may penalize boats by subtracting points. Whenever H1 publishes official points totals on, these numbers will be considered true and correct. Deck2Deck will then consider these to be official for the purpose of determining fantasy points earned by each player. In 2023, those points will be assigned as follows:

  • Guntersville Lake Hydrofest: pick 2 boats, earn regular H1 points for each
  • Madison Regatta: pick 1 boat, earn regular H1 points
  • Tri-Cities Columbia Cup: pick 2 boats, earn regular H1 points for each
  • Seattle Seafair / Gold Cup: pick 2 boats, earn regular H1 points for each

If H1 officials alter race point totals after the Monday following a Sunday race and the event trophy has already been awarded, any adjustments to Deck2Deck points will be made at the discretion of Deck2Deck administrators.

Purpose of Deck2Deck

1. Fan-Based Project was created and is maintained by passionate followers of unlimited hydroplane racing. The site creators aim to provide fellow fanatics with a fun way to compete with one another as they follow the H1 unlimited hydroplane racing series. is not affiliated with the H1. The site creators are neither H1 officials nor members of any hydroplane race team. This site is a game created by fans and is open to participation by all who follow the sport of unlimited hydroplane racing.

2. Entertainment Purposes Only

The creators of offers no cash prize, merchandise, or other awards for participation in this fantasy unlimited hydroplane racing game. This game is published for entertainment purposes only.

Status of Development and the fantasy unlimited hydroplane racing game represent a work in progress. Thank you for your patience as we develop the site. User feedback is encouraged and may be submitted to