Fantasy Unlimited Hydroplane Racing

Welcome Race Fans!

Deck2Deck combines the thrill of unlimited hydroplane racing and the excitement of online fantasy sports. You already follow the H1 Unlimited series... why not join in the competition?

At Deck2Deck, you're a part of the action as you pick the winner of each race and test your knowledge of the thunderboats from week to week.

Contact us on the forum or at with your questions and suggestions. Good luck, and keep 'em shiny side up!

- The Deck2Deck Team

Getting Started

  1. create a free account
  2. Registration is required to play the fantasy game and post on the forum.
  3. Select one boat per race. Choose wisely as you can only take each boat once per season.
  4. Accrue the points that your selected boats earn toward the Fantasy Championship.
  5. The person(s) with the highest point total(s) at the end of the season (Private and Public leagues) wins!
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