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Deck2Deck Reviews the 2013 H1 Fleet: On The Doorstep

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HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

Race Fans, Deck2Deck is bringing you up to speed with a look at the competitors in the remaining seven races of the season. Before we get to the Top Dogs, let’s take a look at teams On The Doorstep. Those gunning for a podium finishes in 2013.

U-9 – Jones Racing

Driver: Jon Zimmerman

Home Port: Kent, WA

2012 Finish: 4th (6370)

2012 Podium Finishes: 2

2011 Finish: 12 (1098)

2011 Podium Finishes: 0

After running an abbreviated schedule in 2011, Mike and Lori Jones campaigned their all-white sled (92102.5) for the full circuit in 2012 with astounding success. The veteran hull, with Jon Zimmerman at the wheel, collected a third place finished to close out the 2012 campaign, then promptly opened the 2013 season with an impressive second-place finish. The Jones team looks to sustain the momentum in 2013. What Zimmerman lacks in equipment, he appears to make up for with consistency, intelligence, and an understanding for what he can extract from his improving ride.

HydroDan says: Preseason Rank – 3

Depending on sponsorship dollars, may challenge for a top 3 National finish. A sure fantasy play in 2013.

U-95 – Spirit of Qatar (former U-17)

Driver: Kip Brown – Preston, WA

Home Port: Preston, WA

2012 Finish: 9th (3,468)

2012 Podium Finishes: 0

2011 Finish: 5th (6,558)

2011 Podium Finishes: 3

2010 Finish: 8th (3,161)

2010 Podium Finishes: 0

After showing vast improvement in 2011 with three podium finishes, the the U-17 Red Dot (0717), led by veteran racer and team manager Nate Brown, took a considerable step back in 2012. The consistency of the previous year was absent and an injury to up-and-coming driver Kip Brown at the Tri-Cities Water Follies was an additional set back for the Our Gang team. Disappointingly, no podium finishes were attained during last years campaign. This year with the backing of Sheikh Hassan bin-Jabor Al-Thani, as well as the addition of crewmen Jeff Bernard and Jeff Minar, the newly renumbered U-95 has been given new life and is primed for a break-out campaign.

HydroDan says: Preseason Rank – 4

The coming of age of OGR continues. The U-95 will be a top 3 or 4 national boat in 2013. A definite fantasy selection.

U-37 – Miss Beacon Plumbing

Driver: J. Michael Kelly – Puyallup, WA

Home Port: Seattle, WA

2012 Finish: 6th (4,954)

2012 Podium Finishes: 2

2011 Finish: 6th (4,959) *As U-88

2011 Podium Finishes: 0

The drop-sponson Ron Jones, Jr.-built hull (1188), the newest in the fleet, returns in 2013 with established hot shoe J. Michael Kelly at the wheel. After a solid showing at the Gold Cup (3rd), and a scintillating second-place finish in Tri-Cities where JMK was edged by a mere quarter of a boat length by the U-5 in the final, the team experienced momentum-halting gremlins and penalties in San Diego and Doha. Reportedly, the team has found a more suitable propeller combination that may be a game changer for this wonderfully-cornering craft that has lacked top-end speed since its maiden voyage.

HydroDan says: Preseason Rank – 5

JMK has the skill to secure inside lanes. With the right combo, the U-37 has a legitimate chance to make all final heats, including 3 or 4 podium finishes. A sure fantasy play in 2013.

Posted on: May 27 2013 05:22 AM UTC Edited on: May 27 2013 05:22 AM UTC

I hope that the u95 aka former u17 gets back to podium finish form.After 2011 I predicted this boat to run deck 2 deck with the Oberto and U96. My prediction thus year is they will def challenge the Graham Trucking and Oberto for wins. Also look for JMk and the u37 to be more competitive this year than years past due to a rumored new helper…;)

Posted on: May 27 2013 03:58 PM UTC
HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

Interesting rumor…Could it be DV?

Posted on: May 28 2013 04:58 PM UTC
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