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Madison Race Canceled - Fantasy Picks Are Reset

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Deck2Deck Staff

Due to the cancellation of the Indiana Governor’s Cup in Madison this past weekend, all fantasy boat selections for that race have also been canceled.


I selected Boat X for Madison 2013. Will I be able to pick it for a future race?

Yes. You will find that Boat X is now available on your list of available boats to use in the 2013 season.

I did not make a selection for Madison 2013. How does this affect me?

You will still have the same boats available as you did before Madison.

Do I still need to make a selection for Detroit?

Yes. The Madison selections have been removed, not forwarded to the next race. Detroit picks are due by Saturday, June 13, 2013.

Did Madison 2013 affect Deck2Deck points in any way?

No. All users have the same points as they did after Sacramento. The points accumulated in Doha and Sacramento, plus the remaining five races (Detroit, Tri-Cities, Seattle, Coeur d’Alene and San Diego) will determine the winner of Deck2Deck in 2013.

What happens if Madison is rescheduled?

H1 has indicated that Madison will not be rescheduled in the 2013 season. If this changes, we will add Madison again at that time.

Posted on: Jul 08 2013 06:14 PM UTC Edited on: Jul 08 2013 06:25 PM UTC
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