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2014 Madison Preview and Three 2 Think About!

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HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

After the major disappointment suffered last season in the quaint river town of Madison, Indiana due to heavy rain, high river levels, and the subsequent cancellation of what locals simply call Regatta, conditions are looking much better for this weekend as mother nature appears to be cooperating. After a long and active off-season which included several new driver assignments, boat swapping, crew changes, and hull construction, modifications, and/or refurbishment projects, the opener of the H1 schedule is finally upon us; it is time for the running of The Indiana Governor’s Cup on the Ohio River! For the third time in the Regatta’s history the boats will run the shorter course, approximately 2 miles in length, and will not have to navigate under the famous Milton-Madison Bridge as in years past. With boat count at eight confirmed hydroplanes the racing will likely be divided into two, 4-boat sections per heat. As always the wild and wooly river will cause it’s customary attrition to the field. The question is who will survive? Who will posses the skill, craftsmanship, engineering, and most importantly, racing luck this coming 4th of July weekend in Madison, Indiana?

HydroDan’s Three 2 Think About:

No Place Like Home: Defending National Champion driver Jimmy Shane will chauffeur his hot new ride in front of all 13,000 Owners of the The U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/ Miss Madison as he begins a new chapter of his racing career after leaving the friendly confines of the U-1 Graham Trucking cockpit. On the surface the situation may appear pressure packed, however, Shane has exemplified maturity and confidence well beyond his years. The moment will not be bigger then Shane as his storybook career continues with a win in his first race on his new home waters.

Rested and Tested: All the H1 Teams have enjoyed a long off-season respite following last September’s running for the Bill Muncey Cup on Mission Bay, but while some teams have worked sporadically, behind schedule, or not at all, the U-9 Red Dot has undergone a fairly intensive off-season modification program to improve performance. Not only that, but the updates were completed in time for spring testing in Tri-Cities, Washington. Look for Jon Zimmerman, affectionately known as the “Rocket Man”, to contend for the Podium in Madison.

No “i” In Team: As we all know there is no “i” in team, but there is a “T”. Very fitting considering the T-5 and T-6 will both be on the water this weekend as Team Porter will once again operate both ex-Budweiser “beer wagons” under their “two boats, one team” mantra. J. Michael Kelly comes aboard the U-1 Graham Trucking (T-6) for his second stint with Team Porter while Cal Phipps has earned a ride in the U-7 Graham Trucking entry (T-5). Can these two hard charging drivers work together a la Hopp and Troxell for the benefit and good of the Team?

Posted on: Jun 30 2014 01:53 AM UTC
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