Fantasy Unlimited Hydroplane Racing

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Let's Go Fantasy Hydroplane Racing!

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Handsome Transom Motorsports

The 2010 H1 Unlimited hydroplane racing series begins Independence Day weekend in Madison, and so does another action-packed season of fantasy racing with Deck2Deck. Deck2Deck is a web-based game that allows unlimited hydroplane fans the opportunity to play fantasy owners, just like they already do in fantasy baseball and football leagues. Deck2Deck is fun, easy to understand, and free to play.

Players pick one hydroplane per race for each H1 event in 2010. Each hydroplane may only be selected once per season, so choose wisely! Players are awarded the national points earned over the course of the weekend by their chosen boat. These points are tabulated over the course of the season on The fantasy player with the highest point total at the end of the year is the winner!

In 2009, Deck2Deck hosted fierce competition between over 200 fantasy players, and this season is shaping up to be no different. In addition to competing in the overall standings, registered users may set up public and private leagues to play against a group of friends.

So, get started! Sign up here at by clicking the “create an account” link on this page. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail that will allow you to begin selecting boats and establishing private leagues. Boat selections may be made and modified up until 9:00 AM local time on the first day of racing (that is, the day that Heat 1A takes place — Saturday morning, except in Doha). Once the race day begins, it’s time to head to the shores and cheer on the unlimiteds.

Throughout the season, Deck2Deck will be posting scoring updates on and bringing you exclusive news from the pits on the Deck2Deck Twitter feed: @d2dhydros. Playing is free and a great way to make following the H1 Unlimited tour even more fun. Let’s go fantasy hydroplane racing, Deck 2 Deck!

Posted on: Jun 19 2010 10:13 PM UTC

It would be interesting if you could find someway to include predictions on who will win the events as well as tie breaker bonus etc. The field is competitive enough to even allow repeat picks.

Posted on: Jun 20 2010 08:28 AM UTC
HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

Snook, I think it would be cool to make the game a bit more complex too! I just would hate for it to be too complicated that peopel would not understand, or it would be hard for new fans of the sport to grasp. mayeb in the future we could have an advanced league and a basic league?

Posted on: Jun 22 2010 04:43 PM UTC
The Miss Rach

I think hydroplane racing fans are the smartest people in the world and we could totally handle making the fantasy league a little more complex:)

Posted on: Jun 29 2010 03:47 PM UTC
HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

I agree Miss Rach! look out for some changes next season to add a bit of complexity.

Posted on: Jul 02 2010 03:51 AM UTC
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