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Detroit: HydroDan's Three to Think About

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HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

1) Sure Bet: Consider the un-Ellstrom like performance at Madison (5th place) fuel for the proverbial Team Ellstrom fire. Expect a big bounce back in Detroit with another Gold Cup victory for Dave Villwock and the Ellstroms, but it won’t come easy.

2) Upward Trending: The U-7, U-21, U-37 all look to keep the momentum going in Detroit as all three were extremely impressive in the opener at Madison. Picking the right one from this group of three thunderboats will pay fantasy dividends this weekend.

3) Risky Play: Due to a falling out between U-3 owner Ed Cooper and H1 leadership over qualification processes and rules, the U-3 withdrew from the races last weekend in Madison. At this point I would steer clear of selecting the U-3 until a resolution is announced between the two entities.

Posted on: Jul 07 2010 06:01 AM UTC Edited on: Jul 07 2010 06:01 AM UTC

O Berto is still racing for the sweep and the three peat, Dave may be better at fighting for lanes, that could be a big advantage, but don’t count Jeff out when it comes to getting his own lane…….watch the 5 this race.

Posted on: Jul 07 2010 05:53 PM UTC
HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

Hey Snook, who was right? Ya got to give it up for Hydrodan!

Posted on: Jul 12 2010 04:39 AM UTC
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