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D2D Interview With Champion Steven David

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HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

D2D: First off, you have had one whale of a racing career. From the inboards, to offshore, to the unlimited ranks, you’ve virtually done it all. Congratulations on your numerous achievements over the years. What accomplishments are at the top of your list when you look back?

SD: The accomplishments I remember most are the wonderful people that came onto my path or me unto theirs. Those memories don’t fade and don’t tarnish. The records, the wins, etc. are but a snapshot in time.

D2D: As many people know, you are a highly successful business man, please share with us what you are up to these days.

SD: My business interests generally revolve around Real Estate Services. Our primary retail Brokerage is Castelli Real Estate Services of which I’m a senior partner and corporate treasurer. We’re a member of leading Real Estate Companies of the world. System sales exceeded 267 billion in 2014. Our other companies are Florida Professional Real Estate and Florida Professional Property Management, of which I am Chairman. FPPM is in the top 250 Real Estate firms in the US. Pioneer Properties in Melbourne, FL. was a startup in June of 2013. I’m a minority partner. The firm is run by Carol and Robbie Robertson, two very special people who have done just a fantastic job in building that brand into a top 10 firm in just one year. Sabrinas and my various Trusts own and operate quite a bit of residential rentals in South Florida that fund both our needs and the charities in which we’re involved. And finally our education business writes continuing education courses for Real Estate licensees in various states including Florida, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Arizona and others. This division is the one from which I do my public speaking for various associations at State and National conventions. Since 1988 I’ve served as a Senior faculty member of the Graduate REALTOR Institute teaching contracts, investment analysis, property management & negotiation skills, among other topics.

D2D: Tell us what you will miss most about the sport? And what you might miss least?

SD: I’m primarily going to miss the people. The intensity of our fans is something to appreciate. Be they for or against you, the fact that they are fans is something to treasure. I’m also going to miss the unique family that the Oberto/Madison team has become. Their passion, commitment and humility are as genuine as it gets. What I will not miss is the chickenshit officiating.

D2D: Looking to the current field of boats and drivers, give us some insight. Who do you think are the front runners and dark-horses this season?

SD: As for drivers, I so wish Greg Hopp could get a top seat. The guy has awesome talent but never had the equipment in the Unlimiteds to really show it. That said, the obvious front runners are J Michael Kelly in the U-1 and Jimmy Shane in the U-6. Unless the 96 Qatar team can pull together the magic it once had, the luster may be gone. That said, Mike Hanson is phenomenal, and if given the opportunity to bring on whomever he needs for crew the team could once again be a top boat. Kip Brown will do fine with Mike as his coach. The U-9 Jones boat is the dark horse. I believe they will win races this year. Jon Zimmerman is a quiet, contemplative guy, for whom I have immense respect. The other dark horse is the other Porter boat (U-7) driven by Cal Phipps. Cal is awesome. Great guy, hard charger, and if given equal equipment to JMK’s ride, Cal will win races. Love the guy!

D2D: So Steve, the question everyone wants to know, now that you have stepped out of the cockpit; will you be racing Deck2Deck with us in 2014?

SD: Now that I’ve retired from driving, my co-pilot, Billy Venucci will be joining Deck2Deck. Fear him, he’s a son of a**** well you know:)

D2D: Thank you Steve! We look forward to racing Deck2Deck with you, I mean Billy;)

Posted on: Jul 02 2014 02:31 PM UTC Edited on: Jul 02 2014 03:22 PM UTC
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