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SD Preview and Three 2 Think About

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Handsome Transom Motorsports

Round Five of the 2014 H1 Unlimited hydroplane fight is about to take place. The fleet heads to Southern California to finish up the American portion of the schedule as San Diego fires up Bayfair this weekend.

Over a month has passed since Seattle’s Seafair, giving teams enough time to make any repairs and adjust equipment to run on the salty Bill Muncey Race Course. Eleven boats are expected to load into the pits at Mission Bay for a barn-burner in the late summer sun.

Graham Gaining: Jimmy Shane and the U-6 Oberto may hold the national points lead going into Bayfair with 6119, but a pair of Graham Trucking boats are giving chase. J. Michael Kelly (U-1, 5196 points) and Cal Phipps (U-7, 4571 points) can easily spoil the weekend for the Miss Madison camp, either through flat-out racing or by creative team driving if these podium boats should draw the same heat. Expect good results from all three, with the 6 and 1 likely to produce top points.

Shiny Side Up: The shiniest boat in the H1 fleet is the Ellstrom Racing U-96 Spirit of Qatar, having made its mid-season debut at Tri-Cities this year. Driver Kip Brown was looking to get past the teething period with this new hull by impressing in Seattle, but a flip in Heat 1 dashed those hopes. After weeks in the Ballard, WA shop, the new sled and its chauffeur are ready for another try. The 96 remains a bit of an unknown quantity, but this is still a tempting late-season pick for fantasy players who have already fired their big guns.

Identity Verification: Are U-21? The answer depends on which race you’re asking about. By the end of Bayfair, three hulls will have worn the U-21 designation in 2014. In Madison, Detroit and Tri-Cities the Go Fast Turn Left boat wore 21. The Our Gang Racing boat (traditionally numbered U-17) was the U-21 at Seafair. And now, in San Diego, the Schumacher Racing boat (previously running as the U-37 Beacon Plumbing and currently being sold to Beacon owner Bill Cahill) will go by U-21. This boat was chauffeured in 2014 by Dave Villwock until a pair of collisions led H1 to suspend him from driving in Seattle and San Diego. Scott Liddycoat will be at the wheel of the U-21 in San Diego. For fans of the U-37 hull who may have already chosen it in a previous race, this weekend presents a rare opportunity to select the same hull twice in a season. Please remember that Deck2Deck fantasy points are allocated by the U number used to qualify at a race. Changes in either hull or driver will not affect these points.

Posted on: Sep 10 2014 08:20 PM UTC
Miss Chrysler Crew Fan - Sacramento; CA This is a tough one to pick as I still have 1 of the top boats to use for the final 2 races. Should I use it now or take a chance that it will not be damaged and save it for the last race (4 prelim’s vs 3 – extra 400 points available). Many of the other boats I have available have shown spurts of being up there but not consistant. Also the U-96 is still untested and the U-100 has only been at Seattle. Oh well if I don’t pick the top contender I have, I guess I will just use a dart board to my pick. Good luck to all teams and “friends” here and on both Facebook and Hydropage.

Wayne Johnson
Sacramento, CA

Posted on: Sep 11 2014 06:29 PM UTC Edited on: Sep 11 2014 06:30 PM UTC
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