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Ranking the 2015 Fleet -- Outside Looking In

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HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

No. 7) U-27 – Wiggins Racing
Driver: Cal Phipps – Detroit, MI
Home Port: Gadsden, AL
The 2013 Gold Cup winning boat (0717) has been sold by the legendary Nate Brown of Preston, WA and has made its way to the sweet home of Milt and Charlie Wiggins out of Gadsden, Alabama. The Wiggins’ are no stranger to boat racing as they have campaigned several successful UL, G, and GP hulls in recent history. Driving for Father and Son is the Motor City’s own Cal Phipps. As Driver for the U-7 last season Phipps captured three podium finishes as well as a third place in the National Points standings. The U-27 is a solid hull and the team has knowhow, but depth of equipment may potentially hold this team back from big things in 2015.
HydroDan Says: The boat and driver are capable of podium finishes but a conservative approach may likely keep the Team from the winner’s circle.

No. 8) U-22 – Webster Racing
Driver: Mike Webster – Reading, PA
Home Port: Reading, PA
The former Oh Boy! Oberto hull (8806) is the oldest in the fleet and the 22 Team lacks the financial wherewithal and sponsorship dollars to compete for top honors. However, in 2014 the beautiful red white and blue 22 captured a podium finish in San Diego. Expect this family run team to race conservatively, generally stay on the outer course markers and keep clean in an attempt to collect enough points to make final heats.
HydroDan says: Not enough speed to race for wins. Will need breaks to make another podium.

No. 9) U-21 – Go Fast Turn Left Racing
Driver: Brian Perkins – Maple Valley, WA
Home Port: Maple Valley, WA
It has been reported that Go Fast Turn Left Racing will miss the opening race of the season in Madison Indiana as the team completes repairs of their badly broken race boat following a violent flip during the final heat of the Columbia Cup in 2014. It appears driving responsibilities will fall solely on Brian Perkins after duties were split last season between he and Jaime Nielson. Nielson was at the wheel during the spectacular blow over accident. The team’s primary hull (0721) has displayed flashes of speed and nimbleness at times, but has lacked consistency. Look for the 21 to run fairly conservatively in 2015 as Team 21 shakes down the boat after extensive repairs.
HydroDan says: Would likely rank 8th if not for missing the first race of the season. Successful repairs might make the 21 a D2D players lucky number at some point late this season.

Posted on: Jul 01 2015 04:10 AM UTC Edited on: Jul 02 2015 02:37 PM UTC
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