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2015 Madison Preview and Three 2 Think About

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HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

Although recent rains in the Ohio River basin have swollen the Mighty Ohio to flood-like conditions that have subsequently caused the cancellation of Friday’s on-water activities, the flood waters are expected to recede at some point Saturday to allow the running of what Madison locals simply call – Regatta – because in Madison, Ya-gotta-Regatta!

After a long and active off-season which included several new driver assignments (U7, U12, U-100), hull modifications and adjustments (U-96, U21, and others), and Spring Testing (U-7, U-9, U96) it is finally time for the running of The Indiana Governor’s Cup on the Ohio River! To the delight of hydro-fans worldwide "The Wild Bill Cantrell Race Course" will return to its traditional 2.5 mile layout which runs under the new Madison/Milton Bridge following three seasons in which the H1 fleet had to navigated an abridged 1.8 mile race course due to construction.

With boat count at eleven confirmed hydroplanes (U-21 will not be in Madison) the racing will likely be divided into three sections per heat. The additional c section should augment scoring over the race weekend. As always the wild and wooly Ohio River will inflict it’s customary attrition on the field. You can’t beat the river; you simply hope to survive it. Who will survive this coming 4th of July weekend in Madison, Indiana?

HydroDan’s Three 2 Think About:

Home Cooking: Defending National Champion Jimmy Shane will begin the defense of his National Points crown in front of all 13,000 Owners of the The U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/ Miss Madison. Although Shane won the title last season he was not able to win on his home waters. The announcement that this is Oberto’s last season as sponsor will also add to the desire for a U-1 win.

New Life: In 2014 the Ellstrom family debuted a brand new hull in Tri-Cities with Kip Brown at the wheel. The boat podiumed in TC then suffered a flip in Seattle that stunted its growth the remainder of the season. The injured Brown was replaced by the legendary Jean Theoret in Doha, who will chauffeur the U-96 for the full 2015 campaign. A fantastic spring TC test session indicated the Ellstrom Camp made the correct off-season modifications and should challenge in Madison.

New Ride: Jesse Robertson is a qualified driver, having done so in the U-57 a couple seasons ago. In addition to his time in the 57 Robertson also drove the U-12 in Doha last season. Jesse will take his services to Camp Porter where he will pilot the U-7 (ex T5 Budweiser); a significant step up in ride. Robertson will be a factor before this season concludes, however, Madison may not be the best place to select the U7 as it will be the first race out of the box for this boat/driver tandem.

REMEMBER: D2D boat selections for Madison are due by noon Eastern on Saturday!

Posted on: Jul 02 2015 03:37 PM UTC Edited on: Jul 06 2015 08:11 PM UTC
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