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Gold Cup Daily Double

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HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

This past weekend the Governor’s Cup was captured by the U-5 Graham Trucking and J Michael Kelly for second consecutive season as it won on the water at the Madison Regatta. The victory for the U-5 did not translate into official H1 or Deck2Deck points, however: no points were awarded for the contest due to atrocious water conditions that kept half the fleet beached for the weekend.

In an effort to keep the Deck2Deck points crown decided by five boat selections, as intended at the outset of the 2015 season, some modifications to the rules have been made on the fly.

New Rule: Two independent boat selections are required for the Tri-Cities Gold Cup!

  • No points have been awarded for the Madison contest.
  • All boats are still selectable for any race this season.
  • Your two Gold Cup boat selections, plus a single boat selection at each remaining race (Seattle, Detroit, and San Diego), will keep the 2015 season boat selection total at five boats. The total of the five boat selections will comprise your D2D point total for the season.
  • In the D2D fantasy pick selector, the Madison race has been modified into your Gold Cup No. 1 pick. Your Madison pick has automically been entered as your default Gold Cup No. 1 pick; however, you are able to adjust your TC boat selections up until noon on July 25th, per the D2D rulebook.

    Do not forget to choose your second boat as your Gold Cup No. 2 Pick. You will accrue points for both boat selections at the Gold Cup!

Posted on: Jul 06 2015 09:00 PM UTC Edited on: Jul 06 2015 11:41 PM UTC
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