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2015 Bayfair Preview and Three 2 Think About

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HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

The sun is still shining in Southern California, and summer’s not over yet! It must be boatrace weekend in San Diego, where the final stanza of the H1 Unlimited season is about to take place. With the Doha Oryx Cup off the 2015 schedule, the National High Points title will be decided this year at Bayfair. The UAW/GM Spirit of Detroit Hydrofest in August set the stage for a close finish and left Deck2Deck fantasy players with a set of intriguing choices. Many have saved their favorite pick for last, counting on the consistency of the U-5 or the speed of the U-96 to carry them to victory. But wait — the complexion of this weekend’s events has changed since we last saw the fleet in the Motor City. Read on to learn more. Then lock your final pick and tune in on Or better yet: get down to Mission Bay Park and soak in the H1 and Deck2Deck championship in person!

HydroDan’s Three 2 Think About:

In-or-Out: The U-22 Webster Racing team from Pennsylvania has opted out of making the cross-country voyage to this weekend’s Left-Coast season closer. Out also is the hard-luck U-96 bunch from Ballard. The Detroit River not only took away their shot at glory in The D, it also swallowed their skid fin. Although the skin fin has since been retrieved from the river, necessary repairs were not able to be completed in time, thus ending the 2015 campaign for Team Ellstrom and perhaps the racing career of driver Jean Theoret.

Rubbin’: There has been much debate recently about how much rubbin’ is allowed in boat racin’. The U-5 and U-1 have gone sponson-to-sponson and deck-2-deck for most of the season, at times rubbin’ on the water. The close racing between the two teams has delighted H1 fans worldwide. However, we can all agree that one kind of rubbin’ has no place in racin’ whatsoever, and that is when a semi truck clips your hull at a fuel stop. Unfortunately, this very thing happened to Team Porter’s U-5 en route to SD. Fortunately, word from the Graham Trucking crew is that the boat will be repaired and ready to make a run at the National Championship on Mission Bay.

Blackjack!: The rebuilt U-21 Go Fast Turn Left entry has impressed since its debut in Tri-Cities and has incrementally improved each week. The 21 achieved a third place podium finish in The Big D, besting the U-9, U-3, and U-27 respectively. For those that have already selected the U-1 and U-5, or for those that were saving the U-96 for the closer, you may want to seriously consider calling blackjack this weekend with the 21. The U-21 and Brian Perkins will also be racing in memory of their sponsor for the weekend, Jeffrey Johnson of All Access Rentals, who was tragically lost earlier this month in a small plane incident. Our thoughts at D2D are with Mr. Johnson’s family and the U-21 Race Team.

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Miss Chrysler Crew Fan - Sacramento; CA

2015 Season point selection is going to be rough with only 4 Point Races and 5 Picks here on Deck2Deck.

Posted on: Sep 18 2015 08:40 PM UTC
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