Fantasy Unlimited Hydroplane Racing

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Welcome Race Fans!

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HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

Deck2Deck is live for 2016 season!

Make your pics now for Madison and for the rest of the H1 Unlimited season. Your picks can be edited up until the day of the first heat race. Please review the rules section for specific times picks are due for each race.

Due to this seasons short schedule we have added a bonus boat pick for Detroit and San Diego. In other words you choose one boat each for the first three races and two boats for each of the last two races for seven total boat picks. Remember you can only choose any given boat once per year so strategize wisely!

It’s hard to believe this is our 8th season on line! As always, it’s fun, free, and furious!

Thank you for racing with us!

Good Luck!!!

Posted on: Jun 26 2016 06:26 PM UTC
Who is Zach Jones? Racing

Ya gotta Regatta! Watch out for logs and keep ’em shiny side up on the Ohio River!

Oh it happens,

Posted on: Jun 28 2016 03:31 AM UTC
Borhamm Bullskin

Ok new to deck2deck so I have registered whats the rules and how does this work. Am i picking the winner?

Posted on: Jun 28 2016 04:57 PM UTC
Handsome Transom Motorsports

Welcome to Deck2Deck, Borhamm Bullskin. You can find the rules here:

In a nutshell: you need to pick one boat per race at Madison, Tri-Cities, and Seattle; pick two boats per race at Detroit and San Diego. You’ll earn as many points as those boats do on the week you’ve chosen them. You can only use each boat once.

While it would be great to pick the winner each time, 2016 will probably see a boat win more than one event. Your goal should be to pick the boat at the race when you think it will perform the best, thereby maximizing the points you earn.

Good luck!

Posted on: Jun 28 2016 07:43 PM UTC
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