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Deck2Deck 2017 Season is Open

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Handsome Transom Motorsports

As the first points race of the 2017 season approaches in Tri Cities, Washington, the Deck2Deck season is now officially open for action!

Just like in past years, Fantasy Players may choose any given boat just one time during the season, so strategize carefully. However, a rule change for this season has been implemented that institutes the double boat bonus for Tri Cities, Seattle, and San Diego. At each of those races you must choose two entries for each race weekend. At the Detroit event, which will feature two races over the weekend—the President’s Cup on Saturday and the Gold Cup on Sunday—you must select one boat per race.

That is a total of eight D2D boat selections to be made over the course of the short five-race H1 season.

Your first picks for the Tri Cities Columbia Cup are due Saturday July 29 at 2 PM Pacific. As always, we wish all of you Deck2Deckers luck during your fantasy season. Thanks for racing with us!

Posted on: Jul 12 2017 06:47 PM UTC Edited on: Jul 12 2017 06:47 PM UTC
T K O When will we know what boats/drivers will be a each race? U-3 won’t run without a sponsor, and the U-21 doesn’t go to Detroit. I don’t think the U-16 will come to Detroit either. Who is going to drive the U-27? Will other boats "pop up", like the U-57 last year? Lots of question marks……
Posted on: Jul 14 2017 06:14 PM UTC
HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

TKO, We are in the same boat so to speak as many unknowns still exist. We expect that during each race week lead up of the season it will become known who is actually running at each race. We will post in our race preview article who we believe is running that weekend. Ultimately though it is up to you as a fantasy player to sluth that info out and/or pay close attention to who is in the pits on Friday (Qualification day) as our pick deadline is not until Saturday of each race weekend. Sorry we can’t be more helpful than that. Thanks for the question!

Posted on: Jul 14 2017 07:16 PM UTC
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