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The 2017 Fleet: Climbing The Tall Mountain

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HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

In this four-part series, Deck2Deck introduces you to the 2017 H1 Fleet and looks ahead at the upcoming fantasy season.

The two boats D2D identifies as "climbing the mountain" include a long-established team short on equipment, and a newer, experimental team sorting out gremlins. We certainly do not intend to disrespect these teams; we have great admiration and respect for each team that competes on the water and appreciate the work and passion it takes to race on the H1 series. If anything, these are the teams to really root for when they are racing against better-equipped teams.
HydroDan’s Preseason Rank: No. 10
U-440 – Bucket List Racing
Driver: Dustin Echols – Snohomish, WA
Home Port: Snohomish, WA

Kelly Stocklin returns in his familiar role as “David,” campaigning his undersized and underpowered U-440 (1218) hull, motivated by a T-53 turbine engine that makes about half the horse power of the T-55 “Goliaths.” The BLR Team attempted to run at Tri Cities last season with little luck, as gear box issues continued to plague the team. It appears some of the gremlins may be sorted out, as the team completed a successful pre-season test at Tri-Cities. Look for new driver Dustin Echols to stay out of the fray for the most part and attempt to finish heats.

HydroDan’s Preseason Rank: No. 9
U-99 – CarStar KISW Miss Rock
Driver: Kevin Eacret – Snohomish, WA
Home Port: Kirkland, WA

The aging U-99.9 (9899) hull was partially refreshed in the offseason. A new transom, some new internal frames and stringers, and new decking were installed. Behind the controls will be wily veteran Greg Hopp, driving in relief for primary chauffeur Kevin Eacret who is recovering from an injury. Again, the popular Miss Rock sponsorship is back on the boat for the Washington races. It remains to be seen if the reworked boat will be lighter on her feet than in past years, when the 99.9 simply did not have enough beans in the engine compartment to race with the other boats in the fleet.

Posted on: Jul 17 2017 09:10 PM UTC Edited on: Jul 17 2017 10:24 PM UTC
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