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2018 Columbia Cup and Three 2 Think About

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Handsome Transom Motorsports

The H1 Unlimited fleet heads west as Tri-Cities, Washington prepares to host the 2018 Columbia Cup this weekend. Boat count will return to a respectable level after the poor turnout in the Madison Regatta pits. Scheduled to appear in Tri-Cities:


U-27 (renumbered in Washington as U-1918)

As in recent years, the Water Follies will provide Washington fans with a premium experience of four flights of heats before the final, matching the Gold Cup for boat racing action. Fantasy players should take note of this point-earning opportunity. This is also the first race where TWO PICKS ARE REQUIRED. With so many points on the line in this middle phase of the fantasy season, this year’s Deck2Deck National Champion will have surely made canny picks at TC.

HydroDan’s Three 2 Think About:

Cooper’s Express Floated Out of Drydock: H1’s only piston-powered boat has not seen racing action in 2018, despite the Go 3 team’s social media promotion of race-readiness and a deep stock of engines and parts. Declining to appear at the revived Southern Cup race and skipping their home-state Governor’s Cup, the Evansville team has secured the backing of TC-based Griggs Ace Hardware and will make its thundering debut on the Columbia. Expect long-time driver Jimmy King to bring his heavy foot to the show.

Oh Boy! O-Bama: The U-27, chauffeured by Calvin Phipps, has been rechristened the U-1918 as it leaves the Heart of Dixie and heads to the home of the Oberto Sausage Company. Damage at Guntersville forced the team to scratch their appearance at Madison, but repairs are complete and the team has committed to both Washington races. Deck2Deck players should note that the temporary renumbering (a tribute to the Oberto company’s founding in 1918) is only displayed in the description of the U-27 when making a selection. Players who have already taken the U-27 in one of the earlier races will not be able to choose the U-1918.

Two HomeStreets on the Bank? The Miss Madison camp hopes to debut its new U-1 hull on the Columbia River, entering it in competition if testing is successful. Their current sled—the same winning boat campaigned during Steven David’s tenure—should also appear in the Lampson Pits and qualify, with crew chief Cindy Shirley deciding which one will race under the HomeStreet banner. The new U-1 will be unproven, but fantasy players should maintain high expectations with current champion driver Jimmy Shane at the controls.

Posted on: Jul 25 2018 06:00 AM UTC Edited on: Jul 25 2018 06:01 AM UTC
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