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2019 D2D Season is Live!

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HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

Welcome Racers to Deck2Deck’s 11th Fantasy Racing Season!

As the H1 season is set to commence in Guntersville, Alabama, D2D is ready for yet another fun and free fantasy season! Invite your family and friends to play, and all your boat racing buddies. Start your own private league, join one of the many public leagues, or simply compete in the Deck2Deck overall championship!

The five race season will require 7 total fantasy selections in 2019 as follows:
Guntersville HydroFest: Select 1 Boat
Madison Regatta: Select 1 Boat
Tri-Cities Columbia Cup: Select 2 Boats
Seattle Seafair: Select 2 Boats
San Diego Bayfair: Select 1 Boat

H1 Fleet:
With six national boats (U-6, U-7, U-11, U-12, U-98, 440), three partial season boats (U-1, U-3, U-99.9) and other possible entries (Miss Madison II, Former Degree Hull) you must plan your fantasy strategy and approach carefully. Realize that the U-3 will likely only race in Tri-Cities, while the U-1 and 99.9 will likely only race in Washington State. The Former Oberto and Degree hulls may also see the water in Washington and will be added to the D2D boat roster when plans are firmed up.

As long as you choose wisely and plan accordingly you should be able to complete the season with seven boat selections as required. We recommend laying out your full season of picks now, and adjusting as needed as the season unfolds!

As always, Thanks for racing Deck2Deck with us in 2019!

Posted on: Jun 26 2019 02:30 AM UTC Edited on: Jun 26 2019 02:37 AM UTC
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