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2019 Seafair Preview and Three 2 Think About

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Handsome Transom Motorsports

After a thriller on the Columbia River, the H1 fleet heads west to Seattle for the HomeStreet Bank Cup at Seafair August 2-4. The river took its toll, getting the better of the U-3 Griggs Ace Hardware (broken prop and hull damage) and the U-440 Bucket List Racing (gearbox problems). Still expected to appear in Stan Sayres Pits:

U-1 Delta RealTrac (Andrew Tate)
U-6 Miss HomeStreet (Jimmy Shane)
U-7 Boitano Homes / Spirit of Detroit (Bert Henderson)
U-11 Reliable Diamond Tool presents J&D’s (Jamie Nilsen)
U-12 Graham Trucking (J. Michael Kelly)
U-98 Graham Trucking American Dream (Corey Peabody)
U-99.9 KISW Miss Rock (Brian Perkins)
U-1918 Oberto Specialty Meats (Jeff Bernard)

Three to Think About:

Rock On: The U-99.9 PayneWest Insurance morphs into the New Miss Rock as Seattle radio station KISW FM teams up with Go Fast Turn Left Racing. Brian Perkins nearly sat on the beach in Tri-Cities after the 99.9’s escape hatch unexpectedly dropped to the bottom of the Columbia on Friday. A loaner off the former U-16 Miss E-Lam Plus (rushed over from Chelan) saved the weekend and allowed Perkins to post a respectable 988 points, a good showing as the kinks are worked out of this new boat. Racing at home with all resources at their disposal, expect a strong effort from the Miss Rock camp. A good option for your second Seafair pick this weekend.

Two Picks, Less Points: Last weekend’s Water Follies offered Gold-Cup style heat action, with four flights plus a final, for a 2100-point weekend available to the top boat. The Seafair Festival prioritizes its airshow and only runs three flights of heats before the HomeStreet Bank Cup race. Deck2Deckers must pick two boats again, but the weekend now only offers 1700 points for a perfect performance.

Bayfair Bound: As the penultimate contest in the short H1 2019 season, Seafair will make or break many Deck2Deckers. Attrition having already claimed the U-3 and U-440, canny players are looking beyond Lake Washington to determine who might be left in San Diego after they spend two picks in Seattle. The Miss Madison camp has deep pockets, a backup hull, and is driven to reclaim the U-1 designation; count on the Miss HomeStreet to appear on Mission Bay in September. Sponsor and owner Rob Graham is perhaps equally motivated to campaign his U-12 in California, but little else is guaranteed in this shaky sport. To win Deck2Deck, you must still have fuel in the tank on the Bill Muncey Racecourse!

Posted on: Jul 30 2019 08:23 PM UTC Edited on: Jul 30 2019 08:38 PM UTC
Diamond Cup

Great stuff Dan keep it up!! So much fun to play!!!

Posted on: Aug 01 2019 05:47 AM UTC
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