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HydroDan's Three to Think About -- Tri-Cities

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HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

Likely Choice:
Now that many of the Deck2Deck Fantasy Players have already chosen the U-1 and U-96 (i.e., the cream of the crop) with their first two selections, the best of the rest appears to be the U-7 Graham Trucking hull driven by J. Michael Kelly. Look for the fantasy trend to be the U-7 in week 3, however, do not forget that the last time Kelly was on the race course on the mighty Columbia River, he was on his lid after a spectacular blow over accident on the front straight in Kennewick.

May Surprise:
Greg Hopp and the U-100 displayed speed they have not shown since the mean green Znetix days at the 101st running of the Gold Cup last weekend. The 100 placed third in qualifying at 157.773 mph, less than 1 mph behind the Oh Boy! Oberto, and displayed the ability to rack up fantasy points as the 100 captured a first, two seconds, a fifth, and a forth place finish in the final for 1366 points total. If the team continuous the upward trend, look for a possible podium finish in Tri-cities.

Bad Play:
To the delight of many boat fans, the U-37 Team has leased a replacement hull from the Fred Leland stables and will continue the 2010 tour with relief driver Jon Zimmerman at the controls. Although the story line is spirit lifting, and the 37 Team is plenty capable of dialing-in a boat for peak performance, be cautious not to get too carried away and expect a miracle in Tri-Cities this weekend.

Posted on: Jul 18 2010 08:38 PM UTC Edited on: Jul 19 2010 02:48 PM UTC
Brad Haskin

I don’t suppose you will award bonus points for the best paint job, will you Dan? 37 is in a faded/sanded-down PICO paint scheme. But the red stripes have been covered in white vinyl. The white vinyl doesn’t match the white paint, so it’s kind of a two-tone white striped deck. There are several spots on the deck and canard that are hand-painted in roll-primer (grey). And the cowling and uprights are painted neon yellow and blue in the Peters & May livery.

The hull is something of a pig, but all the hardware (engines, electrical, fuel, etc.) are U-37 equipment. The real issue has been modifying the 37 equipment to fit in the Leland hull.

But as we were standing around this morning putting stuff in the truck, several people commented that about a month’s worth of work was done in 4 days.

Posted on: Jul 22 2010 07:35 PM UTC
HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

Brad, Thanks for the update! She sounds like a beauty! Good luck to you sir and I will see you in TC. Look for the pink circus hat! I’ll be pullin for the 37 but I don’t think that will be my selection this weekend…maybe I should bring something green and black to wear…hehehehehe or maybe black and maroon?

Posted on: Jul 23 2010 05:08 AM UTC Edited on: Jul 23 2010 01:00 PM UTC

You guys are missing something, the 5 is struggleling but I look for him to step up his game this race. My favorite dark horse is still the 100, I look for them to race it out with the rest. I would love to see them get a jump on the 1, I think the 96 would just run them down. DV just refuses to loose.

Posted on: Jul 23 2010 07:07 AM UTC
HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

Snook, how about the 17 with Nate? That could be a good play this weekend too. The 5 doesn’t look fully recovered from the Doha flip yet.

Posted on: Jul 23 2010 01:01 PM UTC
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