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Slim Pickings at San Diego Bayfair 2022

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Handsome Transom Motorsports

Deck2Deckers: the 2022 season began with a modest boat count, and at its end, just five boats are in the pits to contest the Bill Muncey Cup this weekend. Deck2Deck rules posted in June remain in effect, meaning that each player must make two picks for the San Diego race. Few of us have two remaining choices that are actually racing on Mission Bay!

For those with the U-40 Miss Beacon Plumbing still available, you will collect points earned by Dustin Echols. The chauffeur of the drydocked U-440 will relieve Dave Villwock in the Bucket List sister ship at this final H1 event of 2022. Here is your five-boat field for this weekend’s saltwater slugfest:

San Diego Boat Roster:

U-1 Miss HomeStreet Bank (Shane)
U-9 Miss Tri-Cities/Strong Racing (Kelly)
U-11 Legend Yach Transport/J&D’s (Nielson)
U-40 Miss Beacon Plumbing (Echols)
U-91 Miss Goodman Real Estate (Bernard)

Posted on: Sep 16 2022 12:48 PM UTC Edited on: Sep 16 2022 12:53 PM UTC

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last race was run when are you going to update the points and standings. The game should be modified so we can pick any boat at anytime thru the season. I think that only being able to pick a boat only once thru the season really sucks. Other fantasy racing leagues i have been involved in let you pick anyone anytime thru the year. Deck 2 Deck needs to change. Why was there only one camera at the last race. The video from san diego was really crappy. H1 needs to have more then one camera at the races.The sport of hydro plane racing is going to die if H1 does not improve the product.I have even called H1 to make suggestions on how to make the races better from a fans standpoint and it seems that H1 does not care what the fans think.

Posted on: Oct 10 2022 07:20 PM UTC Edited on: Oct 10 2022 07:21 PM UTC
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