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Already Using Azure Stack Microsoft's Local Cloud Service

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Who says there’s only peace and quiet in the clouds? Microsoft made a move that proved just the opposite. In the emerging market of cloud data computing, the us company announced in early july a new decision and system that responds directly to its competition and is based on local cloud computing. Microsoft’s new service allows customers to use cloud computing technology on their own servers. As i said, this novelty that promises to revolutionize the market and will continue to be heavily exploited in the coming years, was spurred by the need to reorient microsoft’s product line to compete more effectively with rivals amazon and google.

Azure stack offers the same management tools, direct storage and identical licensing as the public cloud service azure , but now it can all run on the company’s own servers. At its inspire conference, microsoft announced that partners including dell emc , hpe and lenovo will begin shipping hardware that has been [b][url=]Phone Number List[/url][/b] certified to run azure stack starting in september. “one of the key differences we have with azure, and against our two biggest competitors in the cloud computing space, is our ability to sustain true hybrid solutions,” said judson althoff , executive vice president of worldwide commercial business at microsoft , in statements to the press.


Microsoft hopes to carve out a niche among customers who can’t or don’t want to move all of their computing operations to shared data centers operated by the company. Azure stack can serve companies in highly regulated industries or in parts of the world where using the technology is not yet viable. “we’ve seen a lot of pent-up demand from end customers as well as third-party providers who are eager to make use of this solution,” said gartner analyst ed anderson. “i believe this offering will provide a significant boost to microsoft’s global cloud business.” note: this article was originally published on the ecossistema digital blog with the title azure stack: get to know microsoft’s local cloud service.

Posted on: Nov 16 2022 11:10 AM UTC
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