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2023 Season Outlook and Three to Think about

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Handsome Transom Motorsports

The five-race season of 2022 offered fans close racing, a variety of race winners, and way too many thrills and spills. The racing was lively at Guntersville and Madison, with pleasing wins by the new U-9 Strong team in Guntersville for the Gold, and a popular U-1 Miss Madison win under the bridge on the tight and challenging Wild Bill Cantrell Racecourse on The Ohio River. Spectators at Madison race bore witness to the spectacular flip by the U-9 that sidelined that impressive boat for the rest of the season. Tri-Cities saw the U-1 dominate and Seattle fans saw much the same, although the match race format offered a different flavor on Saturday. A largely lackluster Mission Bay race finished with a U-8 win after the U-1 Miss HomeSteet received a penalty. The fleet, a bit larger and deeper in number this season, should offer fans a competitive and spectacular show if all contestants can stay shiny-side up and in good running order. The depth of the field is undeniable, with proven winning hulls in the 1, 8, 9, and 91, and recently-revamped and up-and-coming hulls in the 11, 27, and 40. The fan-favorite, piston-packing U-3 from Posey County is also capable of winning at Guntersville and Tri-Cities while the 21 and 440 are likely entries in Washington State and will play the role of “long shots” this season.

Three 2 Think About: This edition of the Three 2 Think about will be categorized in three groupings to summarize the H1 competitors for 2023: The Favorites, The Challengers, and the Dark Horses. You need all three for what is shaping up to be a whale of an H1—and fantasy—season.

The Favorites: The four clear favorites are the U-1 HomeStreet, the U-8 Beacon Electric, the U-9 Miss Beacon Plumbing, and the U-91 Goodman Real Estate. In many ways, these four boats feature the best equipment, crews, and resources on the circuit and three of the four have proven winners behind the wheel. All four teams tested in Tri-Cities at 160 mph or more. Note that Andrew Tate has won 51 of 92 races for a .554 all-time winning percentage.

The Challengers: The boats looking to battle for race wins and podium finishes appear to be the U-11 Legend Yacht Transport, U-27 Wiggins Racing, and U-40 Bucket List Racing. This group of competitors is chock-full of new or largely reworked hulls, experienced drivers, and dedicated crews. Note that the U-27 will likely feature the sport’s winningest driver in Dave Villwock.

The Dark Horses: Filling out the field will be competitive yet somewhat disadvantaged teams that in many ways are fan favorites on the beach. The piston packing U-3 Griggs Ace Hardware is a noisy crowd-pleaser, and if its WWII-era powerplant can keep churning, the boat is dangerous. U-21 Lakeridge Paving, and 440 Boitano Homes will feature rookie drivers and will likely race from the outside in competition. These three boats will likely see abridged seasons in 2023 so it’s hard to count on them for consistent and reliable results.

Posted on: Jun 13 2023 06:38 AM UTC Edited on: Jun 13 2023 06:05 PM UTC
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