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21 Way Tie for 1st!

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HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

Three races into the paltry five race 2010 season, 21 Deck2Deck Fantasy Players are currently tied for first place by choosing the best combination available to date; U-1, U-96, and U-7 in that order. It appears that these three boats are the class of this years addition of the H1 fleet, and as such, these 21 players are now faced with picking “best of of the rest” race boats for the remaining two races.

Who is the best of the rest you ask? Well, currently it is a toss up between the U-21, U-5, and U-17; you can throw a blanket over all three. In TC the 21 won a heat, the 17 was third fastest qualifier, and the 5 ran side by side with the 1, 96 and 7 for three laps in heat 2B. While they are all capable of flashes, they’re as equally prone to producing clunkers as Nate Brown (U-17) did in Heat 2A at Tri-Cities, racing to the start line late and well behind the field.

It is my contention that the current leaders may very well be over-taken by one of the Fantasy Players who selected the U-37 in week one. The U-37 scored second best at Madison, and will likely not match that performance the rest of the way with back-up equipment. Unfortunately I am not one of those players but if you look down the standings you will see that a select few chose the U-37 in week one, and still have one of the “fastest three” to burn in the remaining two races.

One thing is for certain, the outcome of Deck2Deck is sure to be a barn burner!

Posted on: Jul 30 2010 01:18 PM UTC Edited on: Jul 30 2010 03:48 PM UTC
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