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HydroDan's Three to Think About -- Seattle

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HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

Overachieving: In two weeks time, the U-37 Team lost its primary hull in a devastating accident at the Gold Cup, leased and prepared an aging Leland hull as a replacement, hired a rookie driver, and placed 6th in Tri-Cities with said rookie driver/ back-up boat combination. The Leland boat is a good rough water boat and the 37 camp may very well improve upon their previous sixth place finish on the lumpy waters of Lake Washington this weekend.

Underachieving: The U-5, although currently fifth in national high points, has been a disappointment this season. After just missing a National Championship by 406 points last season, the U-5 did not make the final at Madison, placed fifth at the Gold Cup, and escaped with a third place finish on the Columbia River. The boat finally showed signs of life in Tri-Cities, but can young Bernard sustain the momentum?

Frustrating: Just when the Good Doctor had his new boat dialed and hauling (Fifth best qual. time at TC), the Doctor spun out in Heat 1 and severely damaged the right side of the boat. The U-25 should be ready to race in Seattle but expect the boat to be babied for much of the weekend following the completion of significant hull repairs.

Posted on: Aug 05 2010 07:48 AM UTC Edited on: Aug 05 2010 07:49 AM UTC
FiveTimeChamp-I'm Still # 1

The Hopper in the U100 is going to bring TO YA. Let’s do this!

Posted on: Aug 08 2010 06:09 AM UTC
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