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Seafair Reflections

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HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

The Oberto victory at Seafair is one of the more improbable victories in Seattle in the last Decade. Yes, the Oberto is the defending two-time National Champion, and yes, Steve David is one heck of a race boat driver, but consider the U-96 out-qualified the U-1 by nearly 5 mph and looked to have the field covered. Also consider that the U-96 had beaten the U-1 in 5 out of 8 previous head-to-head heat match-ups, and one of those Oberto wins was due to a penalty on the Qatar Boat.

The Oberto win was popular on the beach, however, the beach appeared much emptier than usual likely attributable to the cool and damp weather that plagued Seafair weekend.

With respect to the complexion of the Fantasy National Championship, those Fantasy Players that selected the U-21 at Seafair in combination with the U-1, U-96, and U-7, in that order, are leading the way. Currently an eight way tie exists for first place, however, several other Players have closed the gap on the leaders, including a Player (SnookDog) who still has the Oberto available for Qatar.

Will the leaders choose the 5, 17, or 21 in Qatar? Will they gain enough points to hold-off Player that still have the U-96 or U-1 available? Remember, 2100 points is at stake in Qatar!

Posted on: Aug 09 2010 01:11 PM UTC

Yeah! they can see me in their mirrors. Dave’s team was just out manuvered they were snookered in to the belief that the u-1 was blowing smoke with the claims of better stuff in the box. Things like this happen when you get overly confindent, ask Chip Brown.

Posted on: Aug 13 2010 05:41 AM UTC
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