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San Diego 2010!

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HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

All indications are that San Diego Bayfair will be added to the 2010 H1 schedule. Per the published Deck2Deck rules, the race will be added to the Deck2Deck fantasy season once this news becomes official.

Fantasy Players take note, this news may change your boat strategy for Doha a great deal, and may also throw a bit of a wrench into many strategies implemented thus far.

We here at Deck2Deck, as all hydroplane fans must feel, are extremely excited about this news and hope it indeed becomes a reality!

Posted on: Aug 25 2010 08:17 PM UTC Edited on: Aug 25 2010 08:42 PM UTC

Who’s gonna drive the 17, he,he,he,:)

Posted on: Aug 26 2010 06:50 AM UTC

I"m begining to think I’m a DV fan, I love the chance he gets to tighten up the high points race in SD, or truly get embarished by the 1. With a smooth fast coarse he should be able to use all he has and all the tricks.

By the way, I thought the 1 had a better ride than the 96 in Seattle………….. Now if Nate would drive the 17, I would be on my way to a fantasy Championship. I could always pick whatever boat Dan does, so he can’t catch me. :)

Posted on: Aug 29 2010 04:10 PM UTC
HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

How will you know who I am going to pick? Besides, you already spent the 5, and that is where I am leaning for SD. Maybe Jeff can get that thing running like he did in 08…

Posted on: Aug 30 2010 05:01 AM UTC Edited on: Aug 30 2010 05:04 AM UTC

Well I can’t pick the five, then I think I’m going to realistically have to go with the 21, Greg in the 100, just can’t keep himself away from the lane one, and the Browns in the 17{boy, do I love that name}, keep having brain farts. The 21 is actually a hometown boat and I think it’s fast enough to get some points, of course the draw can make all the difference in the world.

San Diego has to happen it just creates too much excitement and many possibilities. It’d be nice if they could find some way to run four flights and then the final. That would get me to use my ace in the hole the U-1. I’m sure I’ll save it for Qatar.

Posted on: Aug 31 2010 07:32 PM UTC Edited on: Aug 31 2010 07:34 PM UTC
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