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A new Mission on the Bay

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HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

There is no doubt the addition of San Diego Bayfair to the 2010 H1 schedule has greatly impacted the complexion of the 2010 Deck2Deck Fantasy National Title quest. For those currently out front in points, and hoping to survive just one more race for the title, your hopes have been dashed; while those just a tick of the pace have not just one, but two more events to gain ground and potentially overtake the leaders.

Due to the additional race, and more specifically, the additional 1700 Fantasy points available, it would appear that the “ace in the hole” strategy (i.e, save one of the big two [U-1, U-96] for the end of the season) may turn out to bear more fruit than than the “point early” strategy (i.e., select the top 3 [U-1, U-7, U-96] boats early in the season to gain a point lead).

With respect to strategy, I believe subscribers of both philosophies will be in the same boat for their San Diego selection. The “ace in the hole” strategists will likely continue to save their “ace” for Qatar, whereby a mid-pack boat will be the likely choice. The “point early” Players will will also have to dig a bit deeper into the mid-level of H1 fleet for their selections.

So now the question remains, will certain boats currently qualified for Qatar (top ten boats) potentially run conservatively in San Diego, to save equipment, and ensure their participation in Qatar as the boats are scheduled to ship a couple weeks after the conclusion of BayFair? Will the boats at the bottom of the ladder for the chase for Qatar have to run that much harder to ensure a top ten finish? It would appear a boat like the U-25 (11th in National Points) would stand to gain considerably more by running hard in San Diego than a boat like the U-5; a boat solidly qualified for Qatar.

Stay tuned hydro fans for HydroDan’s three to think about…

Posted on: Sep 04 2010 09:58 PM UTC Edited on: Sep 06 2010 02:10 PM UTC

I doubt that the addition of San Diego will change the list of boats headed to Qatar. The U-25, while one position back from the cut, is 881 points behind the number 10 boat, the U-22. The U-25 has yet to accumulate more than 495 points in a single race, and I just can’t see them coming anywhere near beating out the 22 by the necessary 881 points.

Posted on: Sep 09 2010 04:16 PM UTC

I appears that U R right about boats sandbagging in SD, it’s apparent the the 17 didn’t come to race, Picking lane 4 in 1A. I can only hope some of the others feel the same way. I know JB won’t in the 5, too big an ego, defending champ and three boat team. I couldn’t have asked for a better draw.

Posted on: Sep 18 2010 10:18 PM UTC
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