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HydroDan's Three to Think About -- San Diego

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HydroDan's Deck2Deck Racing Inc.

Most to Gain: With the addition of The San Diego Bay Fair event on Mission Bay, and 1700 championship points up for grabs, the the U-96 Spirit of Qatar driven by Dave Villwock stands the most to gain. Only 506 points behind the U-1, Oh! Boy Oberto, a favorable U-96 performance in San Diego will narrow the national championship point interval as the boats prepare to travel to Qatar for the final and decisive event of the 2010 season. That event of course, will take place in front of the new U-96 sponsor, his excellency Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor Al-Thani. Yes, the U-96 was beaten convincingly in Seattle by the U-1, but remember this, in Dave Villwock’s illustrious career he has a distinct history of following up tough loses with bounce back wins.

Peaking: Entering the 5th race of the 2010 H1 season it would appear that the *U-21 Miss Albert Lee, is finally hitting its stride. As to be expected, the relatively new boat purchased by the Go Fast Turn left Team, experienced some early toothing issues as the season commenced, however, in its last outing in Seattle, the U-21 qualified just 9 mph off the leader, captured a first place heat finish, and placed on the podium with a respectable third place in the Seafair final. Look for the U-21 to keep the momentum flowing in San Diego. Another podium finish is a possibility.

May Surprise: In two races with an aging back-up hull and a rookie relief driver, the U-37 Peters & May has qualified for two final heats, and has proven it can beat mid-tier, solid performers, such as the U-13, 17, 21, & 100. It’s likely a little over-optimistic to expect a podium finish in San Diego, but if the Schumacker Team can again maintain the consistency previously displayed in Tri-Cities & Seattle, do not be surprised if the U-37 captures another top 5 finish and outpoints other faster, but less consistent combatants.

Posted on: Sep 11 2010 01:51 PM UTC Edited on: Sep 11 2010 01:59 PM UTC
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