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New For 2010: Fantasy Tiebreaker

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Handsome Transom Motorsports

In the inaugural 2009 Deck2Deck season, the Fantasy National Championship was captured by four fantastic players who shared a roostertail all season.  All picked the same boats for each race of the season, and the four fantasy players ended the season deadlocked. 

In 2010 Deck2Deck has added a tiebreaker system to remedy such situations.  Each Deck2Deck player is required to enter a numeric value to represent the point difference between the season ending H1 Champion and the runner-up boat.  For example, in 2009 the difference between the champion Oh Boy! Oberto and the second-place Elam was 235 points. 

The tie-breaker will only comes into effect if two or more fantasy players are deadlocked at the end of the season.  The player who guesses the numeric value closest to the actual season ending point spread between the first and second place boats will be declared the winner.  Remember to get your tiebreaker enetered prior to the Madison selection deadline (9 am Eastern, July 3, 2010).  After the Madison selection deadline passes, your tie-breaker guess is locked for the remainder of the year.   

Good luck and thanks for racing Deck2Deck with us in 2010!

Posted on: Jun 29 2010 01:49 PM UTC Edited on: Jun 29 2010 01:49 PM UTC
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